this dude was raiding my friends house i went into my friends house and crafted us all full Kevlar and pistols with like 59 rounds in each we then chased him up the hill shooting him along the way i hit him 7 time,1st friend hit him 5 and other friend hit him 6 and he wouldn’t die he then ran up to the hill and then turned around and head shot us all with a bow and he was in cloth at the time of chase please ban him i hate hackers.

name: canthitanything

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/missed the hackers thread" - postal))

No proof? Then no, not going to happen. Also, not the place for this.

What was stopping him from just spamming food/medkits the whole time you guys were shooting him. Pistols deal super weak damage and 5 large 5 small medkits with around 30+ chicken could easily sustain pistol damage for a long time. Just because he killed you with a bow doesn’t make him a hacker lol just means you guys suck and got outplayed.

just because the game didn’t work as you expected doesn’t mean he’s a hacker…

i don’t give a fuck what you think i know

No need to be so rude man.

“hackusations” are 99.9999% of the time wrong.

When someone is hacking it’s often extremely obvious. If they are a ‘sneaky’ hacker, or are exploiting… they’ll get found out eventually.