I got fucked twice by the same people. the hacker named: Frrossst
in US 1 server. please ban his account. he walker through walls and killed me in my house.
he need to be banned.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

this message is here before wstcjtc07 gets banned, by facepunch.

Yes, there is a horrible hacker problem out there, but it seems atm the only people that are being banned, are the victims of hacker attacks, anytime any of us post in the wrong fashion were immediately banned, if you facepunch mods are so ban happy, perhaps you better get the @$#% in game and actually ban the people ruining this game!

Seriously Garry, there are only 2 major things being talked about right now from the players, that I am hearing. 1. The hackers.
2. Facepunch banning everyone BUT the hackers.

I have not heard one good thing about facepunch so far, EVERYONE I talk too tells me bad things about these people. And why shouldn’t they? You have given us nothing to say otherwise. The only proof of bans were getting, are the innocent victims you people are banning from these forums that are complaining about the hackers, about spending all day gathering resources, only to lose it instantly without any ability to defend themselves. You sent me an email reply, telling me “vac doesn’t stop the hackers, it bans them a few days later” Wonderful! So after all the damage they do to entire servers, which they can then do for several days, all they have to do is buy another freaking copy and repeat the cycle…For several more days! If its even days, for all we know it could be weeks!

But no, your not worried about that, your worried about people posting in the “right thread”. How about moving your dogs from the forums, and into the actual servers, to do some real banning.