HACKERS Again jamesaons hacking with his pals

I did post here a day or so ago about jamesaons hacking with his pals, they have so many hacks its silly they have massive buildings in metal. all three houses where built in two days after the server wipe, they raided a clan house with over 50 rooms and forty doors, but they got in the shortest way and only raided the one box with all our stuff in it , we have seen him and his pals clear a log pile with one hit run past trees and and take all the wood, they also knock doors down with one hit. my question is were are the devs and what they going to do about it , as people are leaving fast.

(User was banned for this post ("crap thread/missed the hackers thread" - postal))

I once saw you jump very high into the air until you hit the sky box.

I saw you kill a clan of people wearing Kevlar with one hit from a hatchet.

I saw you dupe explosive charges and then crash the server.

I really don’t want to look like a dick but you can’t expect people to believe you because you say so. Play with fraps and record it next time.