Hackers and Hip shots?

Anyone else noticed that the hackers dont aim for the head anymore? I get rapid fired and everytime they hit my Hip??
Such a ball ache.

That’s one of the ways you can tell people are cheating, they never get a head shot… I always aim for the head.

Just because they have guns and full kevlar don’t mean they are hackers. If they have aimbot they will almost always get headshots.

Hackers like to think that they can make people believe that they dont hack. Its usually extremely obvious when someone is hacking. One of the ways they make people believe that they are not hacking is by using an aimbot that aims for the chest etc and not for the head.

Shot to the head = hacker
Shot not to the head = hacker

Got it thanks

There are either two different aimbots or an aimbot with variable settings.

They will either always get headshots, or always get shots around the mid-section (torso, hip, wrist, etc). They will never get a mix of both. They will also toggle the aimbot to miss.

It makes it extremely difficult to spot a hacker who is trying not to get caught. You can usually tell from the consistency of the shots, however, or going from horrible aim to a spray of literally flawless aim, back to horrible aim.