Hackers and impersonation (steam names)

I would like to note there is a mechanic which is making hackers even less obvious to identify and which in my point of view should be fixed.

They login in game and they find a player which is not very known, but plays often (let’s say JOHN).
They change their steam name to this player name (JOHN).
They login in game.
They change their name in steam to something else while RUST is running (let’s say ABCD). Note that RUST here is not updating the label on top of the player, nor the death screen. So this hacker at the moment for RUST is named JOHN, even if in steam it’s ABCD.
They start to use hacks and aimbot.

The result of this is that when other players will be aimbotted and want to report the killer they will see in the death screen the name of the victim (JOHN) which is actually a legit player. So they will report the wrong player. This is because RUST doesn’t update the name.

Please fix. Thanks.

See, that is one of the reasons they use an automated system to ban cheaters. It can’t be fooled by a name change. They also go by the unchangeable steamid, which is different than the display name.

Part of how this is known is because a long while back “some hacker changed display names and I got their ban” was an excuse cheaters used.

I’m speaking of F7 functionality, not the automated one.

Even if there are an increase in reports, those alone don’t cause a ban, just an increased scrutiny to the reported player. Unless there’s a bug in the system, a legit player will go unbanned. This prevents salty losers from abusing the system to troll others.

F7 Just sets you on the EAC/Facepunch checklist the more Reports the bigger the priority.

Correct, but if that can be circumvented then there is no point in having F7 functionality in game.

If the player is hacking then EAC will detected him at some point and be banned

if players report another inocent player (lets say your JOHN) then and he is not hacking then he will not be banned and it will not make a difference how many on the server that are called (JOHN) (or have been ) they may all be checked and tested for cheats at some point

I suggest two possibliities:

  1. Add a name set and change feature so the name is defined in RUST and changeable only from RUST, this way the steam change will not mess up the F7
  2. synchronize better steam name , so rust name is changed on the fly anytime you change it on steam. This will also make the F7 work correctly.