Hackers and Performance

Hey guys,

Just want to bring to the devs attention that I have been playing on texas 1 for awhile and seen a lot of hackers. One hack that is new this patch that I have not seen before is that the hacker can shoot you in the head through your base walls with everything closed and no windows, also he can be on the other side of a giant rock and shoot you. New hack that I’ve noticed and it happening a lot by a guy named Mafia on Texas 1 server constantly.

Also what are the dev’s plan for anti ESP and Togglers? I am not saying there is a lot but there is a good amount. I play CSGO Esea servers and they use (I think) some type of client side protection, I would think it be good to use the esea anti cheat or some type of it.

Now for performance, texas after a few days was stuttering with server lag I believe, and also other servers showed a decrease in FPS. Also when firing guns especially in the bigger fights, will cause major lag, and when you fire your own gun you kind of stutter some times.

Everything else is great, the content you are adding. I mean there is some bugs with patches but all that is expected. I think you guys should focus on optimizations and anti hacks though. These espers/togglers/magic bullets through base guys get really annoying and people will quit and lose faith in you guys. Despite it being in early access(I mean its been in it for a very long time) you might lose a lot of fan base.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

EDIT: Texas 1 is still down, the 200/200 procedural map.

I’ve noticed the lag aswell, And the server is still down.someone else made a thread about it already. I bumped it recently.