Hackers are ruining this game...

Yes, vac has delayed bans.

Yes, this is alpha.

But the amount of hackers i run into are… absolutely… horrendous.

I run into people who

  1. Speed hack
  2. Super jump
  3. Loot items through my walls
  4. Build full metal bases within 30 minutes of a server wipe.
  5. Dupe all the items you could imagine.
  6. Teleport directly behind me and blast my head off…
  7. The most obvious… aimbot.

Just saying something needs to be done before they kill this game before it really starts!

Some of those might be as a result of admin abuse.

I would be inclined to agree if it was not on an official server.

well my input

  1. Speed hack <— Not sure if that is one? not seen any complains or anyone using it, even on the hackers stream
  2. Super jump <— I know there was a glitch with gates to fly but they died when they hit the floor, don’t see any proof of this being a hack
  3. Looting through walls <— Yes this is one I believe, it came with the last patch
  4. Build full metal bases within 30 min of wipe <— hmm… Well they would need all the metal things before they can dupe them so I don’t see that being possible
  5. Dupe <— yes, stupid ass bug
  6. Teleport directly behind me <— This may be one, not sure but I heard people complain about it
  7. Aimbot <— yep… aimbot… :suicide:

Well, the servers reset, you kept your blueprints, get ore, dupe it, build 1 of each, dupe it. done.

This is an early access game, wether it dies or not doesn’t matter at this stage, it’s the development of the gameplay that is a primary focus.

okay thanks, I didn’t know you kept blueprints on reset

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I beg to differ, its the reputation of a game that is also important, there is only so long you can go with servers constantly down before it discourages people from playing and buying it

And early hacks left right and centre is not a good sign, what matters at this point is if they fix it… Let’s be quite honest, who gives a fuck if they add a chopper when there is hacks everywhere and servers constantly down

I usually expirence/hear about hacks going on in the after hours. I usually play a really fair even game up till about 9:00pm when suddenly the ecosystem of a server goes completely nuts. By about 11:00pm EST i always find myself in a server where the word “hacker” gets thrown around and people start losing their homes.

I lost both of my homes while i was inside of them, surrounded by a small group of bandits who seem to take enjoyment in making it seem as legit as possible. But honestly, if there are hacks out there that can detect where people and bases are, its best no to play during nerd primetime.

If you were to play from 8:00am to 4:00pm EST you are likely to never run into a hacker. In my experience the majority of hackers and script kiddies are from Europe, so if you play when they are going to bed, and the late night American nerds are sleeping… Well, you get my point. Try it, and witness a completely different Rust.

As someone that’s been playing at 3 or 4 am PST (-8), I can vouch for this. There’s a very noticeable shift, even on community servers. This is also when all of the “steal everything I have except the useless junk like animal fat and granola bars without breaking down a single wall, door, or set of spikes” scenarios have happened to me. Twice so far…

u just said my thought :smiley:

I’ve played during all hours of day and night, and I find that most of the hacking occurs in the AM hours central time… like 12a-6a CST timeframe. So I’d agree entirely it’s probably France. =p

its not a matter when they come… its that hackers are ruining everyones fun. Giving this game a bad rep.

and now the ddos is starting again…