Hackers are to hard to get banned.

Had been chasing a fellow named “Invisihole” in EXPERIMENTAL RUST for awhile now. He always eluded me because of the crappy randomized oversight system that is currently in place.
After about 2 weeks I managed to track him to “Rustified.com” and be lucky enough to acquire this video.

My point is… There needs to be a better way to catch hackers ASAP. It took a persistent vigilante (Non admin) two weeks to catch ONE of these lowlifes. This should not be the case.

Giving the spectate tool to the server administrative body only, but the ability to specify the targeted player would be a fantastic start.

My base got hit by one of these guys last night. I’m oblivious how EAC and CheatPunch cannot determine a speed hacker, but then again I know nothing of coding/programming. :c

It’s amazing how garry does not learn from his mistakes… this game is SO client-side holy shit! How is the server even registering every hit he gives even though it’s faster than the normal rate??

Er, last time I checked EAC and VAC do wave banning. Even if he gets picked up, hes not just going to blip out of existence on the spot.

Is EAC wave banning? I thought it was more immediate, which was the value proposition over VAC which does wave banning?

With a game like Rust, waiting for someone to get kicked/banned is a bit more of an imposition than in a game like Counter Strike. You lose your stuff to a hacker, and it’s gone.

Had two hackers that were speedhacking/jumphacking on the Seattle official server. They got mad because I grabbed one of their names and got people to report them so they broke through all my doors in a couple minutes (11 doors) and destroyed all my crates and furnaces.

I don’t mind losing stuff legit, but we had a group and had 30+ thompsons, 20 shotguns, and 15 bolt actions with 60 bullets for each thompson, 30 for each bolt action, and 20 for each shotgun as well as 30 chestplates / 30 facemasks and to have hackers just be able to get inside your base in no time at all and be able to destroy it really kills the experience.

It really shouldn’t be hard to detect speedhack. It really surprises me that they are having issues with it, and I hope they move it up in priority as it ruins other people’s gaming experience. I’ll be taking a bit of a break until hopefully they get it all sorted out and find another way to combat the hacks other than just constantly releasing updates to where the hackers need to update their hacks after every update.

Does the speedhack allow them to increase swing speed? That would make it even worse on experimental since you can destroy things by hitting them that you used to need c4 to destroy, given enough time.

Yes, it sounds like a jackhammer.

Thing’s can be replaced by admins in the future, and quite honestly it’s very easy to obtain anything and everything in this new rust. Delayed bans is a good way to trick hackers into thinking there hack is “undetectable” and catching a handful of dirty hackers.

I understand the point of delayed bans, but I thought that EAC was immediate.

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That’s crazy. Are they able to fire weapons at an increased rate? I agree with vachon644 – I really thought with the re-implementation, they would have put more priority on making the server authoritative for some of these things to cut down on the hacking.

Got footage, also. The super speed hatchet was insane. A bit of context, I had already been griefed. Like, griefed on a level I had never seen before. Multiple lvl 5 walls, additions built on, a perimeter built around my house. The hacker came later and began with chopping almost of that down in no time. However, in the end, he simply chose to phase right through my double doors as if they weren’t there. So yeah, the hacks are definitely in.

And now rust exp is fucked just like legacy, soon hackers will have driven all the decent players away and it will be a playground for 14 year olds with nothng better to do than ruin others enjoyment

your video is private

Oops. Fixed.

Hackers on this version will most definitely drive people away/ruin this game. I know there is a lot going on with development, but this should be nipped in the bud as soon as possible.

I’ve e-mailed Garry’s gmail and contact @ facepunch with a way to detect the melee speedhacks without effecting server performance, so all we can do now is cross our fingers and hope they look at it. It wont stop them flying around everywhere, but it will stop them from breaking down your walls / swinging 50 times a second.

What did the f1 menu say?

Also, I am glad this thread is taking off. If anyone has anymore videos they would like to share with a blatant offenders name like in mine, please do so.

Agreed! I’ve never seen such a problem with hackers as this game has. They nearly ruined legacy for me until I found a good server with regular admins online. Very few hackers lasted on there for more than a few hours - with the exception of an ESP hacker that took a few weeks to catch.

If only hacker bans were as prevalent and easy as user bans here on the forums are.

i stopped playing legacy after about 400 hours, was hoping experimental would be better in terms of hackers on official servers. sucks that doesnt seem to have changed quite yet :confused:

Granted, its not as bad. In Legacy it has become who has the better hack. Experimental right now has a couple here and there, hard to spot unless a good eye is looking for it (Apart from the blatant fuckers like Invisihole). Experimental has not been out very long, so if this hacking trend continues it will end up like legacy in a short while. Unless something is done with either… Proper Admin tools… A better oversight system… Better anti-cheat…a neighborhood watch team…