Hackers can loot chests even if chest placed in center

Logged in today to find that all of our Low Quality Metal, 556 ammo, and C4 had been taken from one of our houses. This house was 1x1 with a small box in the center. The hacker was kind enough to leave our 9mm and shotgun shells – guess they didn’t need that “junk”

Anyways, figured I’d share the news with anyone that thinks they are safe from hackers. Placing in the center doesn’t mean anything.

Just because your stuff is gone does not mean that there was a hacker.
Many raiders will steal things and replace a wall that they broke down.
Plus, when people refer to placing crates in the center, they’re usually referring to a 3x3 house or at least a 2x2.

Uhm, someone’s gonna rant at me but how do you destroy a wall?

I wanted to raid some guy’s shed earlier and couldn’t find a way in, even wasted some of his C4 in his open base trying to bust in. He had a locked door and everything. Must be something cool in there.

Wood wall = 1-2 C4
Metal wall = 4-5 i think
Wood door = Melee it
Metal door = 2 C4

center of a 1x1 room doesn’t do it… do this test for me, walk near your box, then walk away, and see when the “search” text disappears, that’s how far away it needs to be, a 1x1 house won’t cut it

Sorry, double posted. Also, cheaters suck donkey schlong.

Yes, but i noone wastes C4 on a wooden door :wink:

It can even be a bit further than this, since the server appears to give a little leeway (easy to test by tying up most of your bandwidth to make your connection laggy, then open a box while moving away from it) - it’s somewhere between half a foundation and 1 foundation’s width. If you have a box/furnace/etc on the innermost (4) corners of a 2x2, where they intersect, then you should be safe from cheaters attempting to steal through your outer walls. If it’s a Large Wooden Box or Furnace, though, they may be able to loot it from the roof if it’s only a 2x2x1 (single-level) building. If you’ve built 2x2x2 with storage only in the middle bottom floor, they should have to breach with C4 to get to it (assuming your doors are metal). Of course the more walls and doors between your stash and the outside, the better! Hope that helps :wink:

sure, if there’s people shooting you, you don’t want to sit there doing 200 swings of an axe on a door

Actually there is a know hack out right now that does let people loot through walls. Since it’s now known, it should be fixed fairly quickly. Hopefully…