Hackers, Cheaters, Exploits


Pretty plain and simple, today’s development post. I for one like it, Garry. Anyone caught cheating will get VAC banned - no questions asked. (This includes things like Cheat Engine).

(User was banned for this post ("search before you post" - postal))


Already being discussed, I do agree though, wonderful news!

Ahh I see…this is what I and many others that haven’t been playing/testing for some time, have been waiting for.


I would say it’s long over due, but seeing as it’s in alpha, nope.

The steam switch should be great too!

I honestly cant wait for the chat to clear from this:

Skittletits kill Bob
Bob:Fawkin Hacker

Ponymony: kill bob
Bob: Fawkin hacker

And soo on… :slight_smile:

Really great.