Hackers completely breaking game mechanics

I just got off playing Amsterdam II where i was raided by a couple of, probably russian, hackers.
they simply had the ability to build right on/in/by my house and break in from the roof. i had the tool cupboard on, with
build privilige which i double checked. later on I asked around the serevr if it happened to anyone else and several player
confirmed this too happened to them.

this kind of stuff really break the core game mechanics and gameplay and makes it pointless to try and play around on these serevrs.
would love to see somthing being done with this.

You’re not the first to say this, and I’m not the first person say “find a decent community server with active admins”.

I think its a great way to find them.

Is it just me or is it slightly depressing that the community servers generally have more active admins than the official servers. Most hackers play on official servers because they know if they can avoid a VAC ban, they own the server for the night since the chances of an active admin catching them are slim to none. Most aimbots wont trigger an owner violation count increase either and require an active admin to detect, unless the signature is known to VAC/EAC. RustHackReport twitter confirms that very rarely is anyone banned outside of what would be considered US & EU Business hours. I say this after spending 3 days battling a hacker as he burned through his 4 accounts on Facepunch, Texas II.

My only recommendation would be to lower the owner violation auto-ban threshold on official servers to a more reasonable number. The hacker on Texas II had a violation count of over 19k and was not auto banned. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/405682610615165823/02F11A6060F6E9A4CAA5FF3C796F4C1EAAC97A49/

Here is how owner violation counts are calculated:

Owner violations are calculated on all servers with the truth.enforce flag set to true. There is an option to set the ban threshold but i dont know what flag it is off the top of my head. My guess is they set the threshold to an absurdly high number to avoid false positive from lag. In my recent experience however, I have noticed that generally anyone who accumulates a violation count of over 1000 is hacking. Dont believe me? The next time you see someone in chat say someone is flying, open console, type ‘status’ and hit enter. Ill bet you my HQM that the dude reported in chat has a massive violation count. I would also be interested to see legitimate client usage create situations that generate violation counts in to the low thousands so if you have an example, post it. It will at least possibly help the devs avoid counting violations for false positives.

The same can be said for games like TF2 that aren’t early access and have a much stronger company behind it.

Hacking breaks core gameplay mechanics…that kind of is exactly why it’s called hacking, isn’t it?

I seen all of this in my days! iam amost 50 years old! i was an server owner of other games,original call of duty, back when they were called cheaters! or Script Kiddies changing game codes! and breaking game engine or function, to have a advantage on other players! or other nuisances… So the game devs decide to put in ! well you know! PB bans and code scan programs! and RCON is the best to get rid of the FOOLS!! hahaha