hackers crashing my server

i had this problem since yesterday server crashes, so reported it to my host and they replied hackers are crashing the servers.

There was a DDoS at the weekend, however it seems to have stopped on my server. However, there is a memory leak causing servers to restart every 20 minutes. Garry is working on it apparently.

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There was a DDoS at the weekend, however it seems to have stopped on my server. However, there is a memory leak causing servers to restart every 20 minutes. Garry is working on it apparently.[/QUO
i hope your info is incorrect and my server host is incorrect

Just got this message from my host:

Dear Customer,

Just wanted to keep you up to date with the current state of Rust Experimental and its game servers. It looks like there was an update over the night/this morning, and we have tried to update our test servers. It looks to improve on the memory and processor leaking, but it still affects highly the resources available, which will cause it to reboot every 10-15 minutes. This is something we do not want our customers to experience because it will only create more issues and bugs in game.

Garry seems to be very active on fixing the leaking part today, so I really believe we will be able to create/start your Rust Experimental server once that is resolved.

When it comes to the attack, it looks like the console is no longer spammed with any attacks caused by the french gaming community.

We will keep you up to date.

Thank you & have a great day

French? Interesting, I thought it was supposed to be Russians hackers behind this weekend’s DDoS attacks, or was that just uninformed stereotyping?

Can someone explain to me the benefit to the “hacker” for DDosing a little video game in alpha testing? Is it like Hacker street cred or something? What is to be gained here?

power games…pointless, and redundant, but often just comes down to someone wanting to feel big.

Indeed, I could understand some big company, but a small company with few employees? Attacking something that small, is just pathetic.

I think it was supposed to be retaliation for Garry’s announcement in Friday’s DEV blog that he was going to be adding “in-game purchases” of blueprints, and potentially ruin the game for all of us. People feel very strongly against in-game purchases, and don’t want their favourite game turned into FarmVille, so this was how they responded.

(Not saying it was an appropriate response, or justified, but I believe these are the reasons behind the DDoS attack).

well i think who ever is doing this are pricks

looks like they are back. My server is down again

MordecaiW, you disagreed with my above post saying the DDoS was in retaliation to the announcement of “in-game purchases” … do you have more information, or were you just disagreeing for the sake of it?

Hacker group took responsibility for it, from france. Nothing stated related to blueprints, they were the same group who did this to legacy, apparently.

There are others who also claim that it is of russian origin because of the countermeasures being put in place to keep shady russian server operators like bearz.ru from making copycat servers.

The truth is that nobody knows 100%, but there is evidence of ip’s from russia in the ddos attack, though a person could proxy any country’s address range to make it look this way as well.

ah French! that explains. the only servers I could join last friday/saturday were French servers…

Hahahhaha the hackers that DDOs other server have payable rust servers and want to have à lot of players on their servers so:

  1. they create à fuck load of fake servers so you auto join their server when you connect to à fake one.
  2. when you have à server that gets too populated, they DDOs it and steal your server name.
    Not going to give à name, but most of us already know who he/they are.