Hackers destroyed my house?

so i had a great shelter with long spared items in them, but this morning i returned on Rust to play some more and the whole shelter was gone, including all the items. :frowning: could this be hackers?

Let me get this clear.
You had a shack. A wooden one. You stored all your precious rocks and stuff in one of the crates inside the wooden shack. You logged off and went to sleep thinking how well you did gathering all this stuff in one day without getting killed. You wake up, go to school and can’t wait to get to play once again. You went home, logged in and your wooden shack, wooden crate and wooden door are all missing?

What you think the reason is for this?

I’d say…


no… honestly, you just got robbed, probably by people interested in your goodies…

I think hes saying his entire base disappeared. Garry has been resetting the servers alot

No, he has not reset the servers for at least the last 5 days. So thats not why. Some ppl with duped C4 probably blew it up for the lols

YEah xD

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Nononon only the shack went gone with all my items
the door and storage box were still there

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Understandable but my storage box was unreachable for players, and yet how did they destroy my shelter

Wooden shacks, doors and crates can be destroyed with a rock/hatchet/pickaxe/c4. Chances are that your shack was decayed and people took your shit.

aaaahh youve got to be kidding me, i didnt know now i lost all my stuff and i call those ******* hackers. :frowning:

>Gets raided
>Calls hacks
l m a o

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chuck norris took your stuff.

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Nope Chuck Testa…

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That’s quite a bit of dumb replies. Anyway, your shack was most likely destroyed by other players (they’re easy to destroy). Not everything that you don’t like is done by hackers.

I saw a video from uberhaxornova and he had some glitchers break into his base :confused:

Postal is on a roll.

Holy shit… so this is what rust brings in to the forums?