Hackers do not get banned, pointless game is pointless.

developers telling personal friends it is ok to hack for now because it doesn’t effect the development of the game, who cares about the community putting days even weeks of there time into this game.

I know heaps of people complain about hacking and all and that it ruins the game but the thing is that the game is in Alpha and the stuff that you get you aren’t going to get to keep forever anyway with the map wipes that go on. It will get handled one day when the game is getting ready for release and people are going to actually buy the game for enjoyment. Technically at the moment you are testing the game (even though not much testing goes on) and any enjoyment you have ‘testing’ it could be seen as an added bonus.

Yes but when I post a video spoon feeding them evidence of a known hacker something needs to be done about it. If not then guess what everyone?? it is ok for you to download hacks and use them nilly willy on the server you please, im sure this makes a great first impression on the game cough* warz cough*

Nothing needs to be done about it something should possibly be done about it but maybe Garry likes having hackers so he can get data on all the available hacks to counter them in the future.

Hacking is very annoying i agree on that but its true how they need to work on development and not worry about hackers at the moment.

It’s an alpha. Stop crying.

If they don’t care that you’re spending so much time “helping the game evolve” then here’s a very simple answer. Stop playing. Oh wait you can’t cause your addicted and just playing for fun.

Im not crying? I simply want a cheater banned, I have provided video evidence and what happens next will decide how this game plays out over the next few weeks.

So going to pull out the stop crying when its out of alpha and people are still hacking like mofo’s

Woah-ho-ho wrong thread kiddo

OndieJ they have said that it is not a priority right now that means that at a later date they will be working on it.

funny because i am the last comment on that thread…i wonder what i posted? hmm

Then you created a new thread. This one, it’s wrong to have created it.

separate topic really, im reporting them in one and questioning the devs ethics in the other. its funny how ur gonna tell me they dont need to ban hackers cause its in alpha then tell me to report the hackers in the correct section…the irony.

You don’t seem to be posing any questions in the OP, just a very long drawn out run-on sentence crying about hackers.

No one ever said they didn’t need to ban hackers we said that they just might not want to. That may or may not be the right decision in your eyes but it is the decision they have made they are game developers after all.

I understand what they’ve said but even when it IS out of alpha there will still be hackers and I will make sure to just say, ‘stop crying’. Maybe throw on the end… ‘it’s only a game.’ …in order to validate it.

How do you know there will still be hackers when the game is out tell me more about your time machine.

well watch the video and one would come to the conclusion that i am questioning the devs ethics, stop flaming.

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because there isnt a single fps/mmo that doesn’t have a hacker in it! no matter what stage of development.

How am I flaming? All’s you do in the video is listen to two people talking about hacking. Big deal. Go play a different game if the devs aren’t rewarding you for all your hard-work and excellent feedback you’ve been giving.

I’m not one to usually argue about the whole hacker bans and the alpha testing and what not. However, on the auction page when you buy your key it does specifically state “If you’re caught cheating your account will more than likely be banned - and you won’t be offered a refund. So whatever you do - don’t try to cheat..” This makes me feel like cheaters will be banned, not pushed aside to “develop” the game.