hackers/exploiters/lag, what's the point

What’s the point of playing this game anymore, server i play on is full off russian hackers. They live in a rock nearby, duping c4’s and bp fragments.
i could make a new base but why? to farm again with bunch of lagg? so i can get teleported back after every 10 steps i make? or that they can raid me again with exploited c4’s. Fuck this.

Play on servers with admins.

it’s bullshit that they don’t monitor their own official servers more… and the c4/bp fragment exploits is on every server, communities too ppl said.

The point of alpha is also to get those problems sorted out before full release.

Deal with it, this is the development process.

“Early Access” = not finished, not polished, buggy, glitchy, and exploitable. The devs are shilling out an update every week to address everything they can, while still adding new content and features.
When you paid for Rust, you agreed to play a game that is not even close to being finished.

the duplicating of c4’s, ammo and rockets has been going on since last wipe, same as the lagg, if they say they fixed it, then why is it all there still?

Imagine building a car from scratch. You’re working on hundreds of thousands of pieces, and being expected to dish out something every week.

You finally fixed the oil from leaking? Great! But wait, now the engine won’t start.
After spending an entire day fixing the engine, you decide it’s time to take a lunch break.
Well, not so fast! Now the steering wheel is locked up.

Now imagine doing that EVERY DAY with every single car part (if you were comparing car parts to lines of code). Coding is most definitely not easy, and if it was, Rust would’ve been fully released months ago.

But if you think it’s that easy to do, go right ahead and teach Garry how to do his job that he’s done for over a decade now.

i guess that’s true, but i still see no point in playing this game anymore

Welcome to playing a game online. Especially one that’s in Alpha. Either be more understanding because the game is still being worked on or treat your purchase like a pre-order and come back later. up2u. But you’re kidding yourself if you think there’s some magic quick fix to block every hacker and exploit and lag ever. Shits gonna be a battle, especially at the start, like it is for every other online game where hacking could be considered fun.

never said that i think that there would be a quickfix. maybe if an admin finally could come online he might be able to get rid of rockbases atleast

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i didn’t mean any offense with this post …

The “admin” are devs that are busy, you know, actually making the game. If they stopped to clean up every side effect of alpha, we’d still be on legacy and the game wouldn’t be any more hacker-proof, ffs.

like i said before, i didn’t mean any offense with this post to the game developpers. i realise now that i’m wrong :slight_smile:

No, the duplicating of c4’s just started with this last update. Give them a few days to fix this.

nope you were able to duplicate stuff last wipe too, check youtube

What i dont get is after all the money we are giving them is it too hard to hire 4 admins? pay them minimum wage after getting millions is it that hard?

Rust sells for $19.99, even if you paid the admins a minimum wage of $8.50, you couldn’t even hire one admin for 3 hours.

Garry claimed that Rust sold over 1 mil copies, so that’s a max of $20 mil, which sounds like a lot if you aren’t counting that Valve takes a percentage of the income, Garry has to pay all the devs, get paid himself, purchase/rent equipment + programs + licenses, and other smaller things.

A lot of people like to get mad at something without looking at both sides.
That, or they never took an accounting course

So this game doesnt make enough money to pay 4 admins half time minimum wage?

Rust sold over 1 mill copies in febreaury 2014… do the math…

2.4 mill copies. Even if Valve gets 40% wich would be ridiculous (They actually take 30%)

Thats 28.880.000$ and u are telling me they cant pay 4 admins to work at least 4 hours a day for 8$ an hour? 8k$ annually? Seriously? i think u never took an accounting course… Seriously basic math…

Yeah paying 32.000$ outta 29.000.000$ 1,3% will probably make them declare bankruptcy lol…

All of this without taking into consideration that this is a game in alpha, and that they are implementing community market wich will make them even MORE money.

Heck i bet a lot of ppl would volunteer for doing admin work for free

Or you know, just play on community servers. It’s not a big deal.

If people really want admins on Official servers, get organized and set it up. Get a group of good volunteer admins, set up some good rules so no abuse will happen, and then approach FP. Of course, it is a lot easier to post a complaint on a forum than to organize a good group of admins.

Return on investment. Any real accountant will tell you not to spend money where it won’t make you money. For someone join a server for this game they would have already had to purchase the game. They are having to spend money already to keep these servers up. Why would you add further expense to this when it will never see a return? Your not paying to play on their servers, and there are plenty of other servers out there. In the end, it’s all about making as much money as possible for any business.