hackers, fucked my whole house...

Names are xX-$UP3R-qU1kSc0pEr-Xx and Dove Doodle just come to our house and toke out a wall with only one hit with a axe??
I shot them with no affect and one come up and killed me with a rock?? They have looted this whole server by the looks of it.
Time is 12:30EST

A video is necessary to report a cheater/hacker.

No, hackers wouldn’t be able to do that but admins have an axe that CAN do that, so they could be admins abusing.

Otherwise you really need factual proof.

Yeah except the part where you are both wrong.


Admins do not have an axe that can do that, we have to use C4 like the rest of you. The “Uber Hatchet” only can beat the hell out of certain low level things like doors, wood shelters, zombies, animals, other players and resources. It **does not **have the power to take out walls, ceilings, pillars, foundations, or anything like that.

Admins do have “godmode” that they can turn on and off. They do not take any damage from players and animals.

Regardless of proof there’s nothing you can accomplish by posting here. VAC will get them at some point.