Hackers, Griefers, and Woes of 6-29

So the day started with me finding that they had moved the radiation zone to the location of my old house. I died and lost all of my stuff, so for the next three hours I tried in vain to make a house due to all the KOS bullshit. Finally after I constructed a roofless house, a hacker jumped over the wall killed my friend and griefed our sleeping backs and took everything. Then we managed to finish the house and get things in order. Soon afterwards speedhackers started murdering us and threatening to break down the door. So in an effort to defend ourselves and our items I started a speedhack to combat the speedhackers. I proceeded to kill the speedhackers and those people who tried to get into our house. One such individual named Papieros (or something) began harassing us because I used a speedhack to defend myself. This harassing was otherwise unprovoked and this guy who we had no previous problem with started griefing all of our doors and breaking down ours. At this point I had terminated the speedhack because I thought Papieros would go away and there was no reason to speedhack anymore, but still he kept coming and attacking us, insulting us, and griefing our doorways… tried to reason with him saying the only reason I killed him was because he had sought us out and killed us initially at our house before this freaking argument… his defense was that we were speedhacking and he doesnt like cheaters. In the end he basically used circular, contradictory reasoning to justify harassing us. He’s probably not worth my time, but I’m just angry that he wasted mine and that he now has all of our stuff since he broke down our door (again) and killed us with an M4 and a grenade…

You are acting like it was your own freaking life at stake. its a freaking game dude get over it shit happens.

good to know. now go post something that helps the game development instead of moaning about your personal problems

guys… if it was supposed to help game development then maybe it would’ve been under something besides “RANT”. Plus, I know it’s a game. I’m just pissed off because three hours of my Saturday had been wasted.

it is understandable and i know it is annoying but this happen to like half the people playing. the speedhacking is easy to fix and the developpers are working it.

Going great for me. After awhile (2/3 hours) of dieing from the hatchet, finally got a friendly team together. We’ve had a nice camp going on for awhile.

If it was understandable why’d you have to go be a dick about it in your first post?

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Tough shit dude, hackers happen i geuss nothing we can do.

because telling us about this really does not help in any way and is a waste of time. They are not banning people right now, for some reason or another, so although this guy he talked about is a real jerk and should get banned he probably won’t, at least not for a while.

Yeah people need to realize this is a team game, you’re better off making friends and working together than going solo.

Still doesn’t explain why you had to be a dick about it. It said it was a rant thread so you could’ve just not clicked it.

i did not notice it was a rant. sorry for being a dick.

is this supposed to be a blog or something

Apparently people are expecting the game to hold their hand while they play and that no one will ever come after them…

Oh my god… I didn’t ask for no one to come and get me… not trying to be a bitch about it. In my opinion, continually breaking down my doors and killing my friend is a little more than simply coming after me. And how is this wasting time? I simply made this post under RANT to open the door for others to come and possibly elaborate on similar happenings. To the guy who wanted this to help game development: I thought this post would hint at some possible updates to maybe not allow speedhackers to break down other peoples structures since it enables them.

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Really all I wanted was to share my account in order to relate with others and to show the developers that allowing other people to break down player structures ruins the game and gives incentive to hacking. I don’t see how I’m asking for the game to hold my hand.

You’re worse than MrNiko.

your admitting to speed hacking

Yeah… I kind of felt that it was necessary but I guess that’s irrelevant. Atleast I didn’t go out of my way to mess with anyone and I was honest about it.

Atleast he’s not Flagsteeler, that fucker hacks when you beat his ass untill you give up and stop raiding him.

i Belive his name is Papieros89
and yes i have seen him speedhack and peforming KoS for not reason on several that were farming wood including myself

the hacker papieros89 and 2 of his friends raided my house, broke down my front door into my pre-house and put up a door of their own behind them and keept doing this, manage to kill 1 of em but he apparently spawned there or something.

2 with M4 and 1 with shotgun, and the prolly had loads of medkits and bandages, cuse hit them 3-4 times each witch hatch each life, died like 10 times before i empty my boxes and logged out.

sux, they people can place objects in your house with out permission, that makes it pretty easy for house take overs since people need to sleep, go to work, school or what ever…

so the lame hackers with no life can just break down everything and put up their own doors :frowning: