Hackers have ruined RUST Alpha, no server is clean, VAC does nothing stop them

RUST is solid game combing sandbox and 1st person combat together, it has easy access menu interaction, combat play is smooth, graphics are way above average, fun game play and explore.

The problem with RUST Alpha is all the waves of hackers ruining every server I go on (80-90% servers RUST are now crawlin with hackers), these @sshole hackers have been sabotaging the game only 2 days after i bought it off Steam.
I have lost 3 well made bases to hacker raids, these hackers have hijacked game from all other legitimate players and now you cant even get a base started, progress in RUST is literally impossible without using hacks to keep up with all other hackers :zoid:

Here is list of all hacks I have witnessed on over 15 Official/Community Servers

Wallhacks/Noclipin: players just ghosting into bases steal everything, kill ya when logged off and just mess with ya destroy all base boxes/furnaces/workbench

Teleporting across map

Aimbot Hack: Instant Headshots from any gun at impossible range, this also lets hackers auto-track players even when behind walls or mountain areas, you cant sneak basicly because of these hackers trackin ya with aimbot
Hacking Unlimited C4/Ammo/Any Resource or Item in game**: They can just generate infinite C4 and ammo and build giant metal bases/towers in less than 5 min, what this means is no real players can possibly keep up with this hacking insanity, I wasted 3 hours collecting Resources and building starter base only have it burned down by Hackers who put over 50 C4 charges on it and sprayed M4 bullets at me for over 5 min (had carry over 100000 ammo in inventory TOTAL HACKS)

GODMODE: they take zero damage by nocliping or they increase character health to something like 9999999999999999999999999Hp so you can never kill them

Another problem is admins messing with game, although its not technically hacking the most of the server admins are out of control and power trippin, they just give themselves unlimited airdrop after airdrop so they get all resource unlocks/weapons/C4 right away, or use admin tools cheat and ruin other people bases… its just sad

So sadly in conclusion RUST Alpha Multiplayer is ruined game experience and the $20 I payed feels more like an online demo with million hackers. Instead of Alpha where players can enjoy the game that is being developed you get hacked out broken husk of what could have been a legit game worth that money, this problem is even more real for the developers since your game is being hacked inside-out at moment.

I will not play RUST again until the final version is released in future, there is nothing I can do in the game to avoid these hackers or protect my character/base from them just taking everything any time I play on a server.

RUST Alpha belongs to the Hacker scum of the planet, no room for players like me who dont use hacks :suicide: