Hackers in Facepunch: Fretta server

There have been a lot of hackers in the Fretta server, using wallhacks, speedhacks, and aimbots. I encounter one every time I play on the server and it’s ridiculous that there are no admins to ban them.

If it’s any help, some of the hackers I encountered today are;

[GU]Burnt Soap


I agree, they make sniper wars, the most retarded game ever. Freaking sniping me when im completely invisible from across the map.

Hm, it seems the guys I posted the profiles to changed their names or set it to private.

Hi I’m from [GU] I can tell you right now that they are not the [GU] members they are impostors not the real players

Heh. I can tell you first hand that isn’t my Steam ID, nor do I know who Fretta is, nor his server for that matter.

For your reference, I can be found here: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197982994842. Beyond that, it’s back to the rather old GU hate some more. Sorry for dragging the rest of you into something rather dumb…

Banned them!!!

Why does it matter? As soon as Garry turns on scriptenforcer again, they will be too dumb to bypass it :wink:

They’re using external programs to do this.

There is no proof of that. Nospread, speedhacking, aimbotting and wallhacking can all be done in Lua.

Speedhacking can, but I think they’re most likely using cheatengine for that.

Fretta garrys server doesn’t have script enforcer

No shit sherlock.

god damn! I TOLD THEM not to!

There is a guy named st3v3,he has a speedhack,and an aimbot.
This his his steam ID. 1:22671083 22:07