Hackers in legacy, please ban?

Hi guys, I found some hackers in legacy yesterday, as the experimental is so unplayable right now (in terms of raiding etc) I just wanted to play legacy. Seems to be plagued with hackers!

please can somebody tell valve to ban these guys from rust, it ruins the experience for everyone else when hacks are used.

That’s not how VAC works.

but if a hacker is ruining a game experience for people, regardless of whether its on the finished product or a previous iteration, they should not be allowed to continue that behavior. I am also fairly sure that with other games (Payday 2 springs to mind) if you contact the publishers support team the hacker in question does receive a ban.

VAC doesn’t operate on reports, and garry has no control over Valve Anti-Cheat.

Play on community servers with active admin on them, the official servers are unmonitored, always have been.