Hackers in Rust Becomeing a big issue.

Hackers have continually been wrongly harassing other players houses, After myself and a friend had finally established a house and good metal door protection from above and below, the only way to get in the house is to blow up the several doors we have in place. After logging back on my friend found all our things were stolen and our bodies were killed, yet the house was in tact and nothing was destroyed. US East Coast II by PlayRust.EU is the Server we play on, we do not know who did this yet, we do know that its still in alpha version, and there isn’t much that can be done at the moment to prevent hackers from doing this. But we would like to implore the Developers/GM’s to do something about this when it becomes available on steam. If hackers are still capable of doing these things in the game when it is released on steam i see a very dim future for the Rust community. It is hard enough to survive as it is with all the player killing, and the mysterious Disappearance of the PVE server… yet we was able to survive, and thrive, and now we have nothing, and must start from scratch with resources again. Please, do something about this soon, otherwise I might ask… for a refund. =p

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doesnt matter what you say on the threads they are working on getting it on steam first then focusing on hackers. idk why but thats happening

It’s an alpha, you should expect issues like this.

this hacker thing is really annoying, but that being said it is an alpha and garry said he does plan on addressing it. to be honest i’ve gotten used to losing all my stuff at night. i totally plan on coming back to nothing in my boxes. thats why before i log off every night i just use all my resources and just blow everything i can blow all the ammo, go out and survive as long as i can with a bunch of guns and all my ammo, and then i throw everything else on the ground and let it delete so they dont get anything :smiley:

Yes, but I think its important to address the issue when its widely known, and is going to cause alot of problems, if it continues.

Another stupid “it’s alpha” post…

Thanks for letting me know that they are at least looking at it, gives me some relief.

It is Alpha though, do you not know what you are buying? An unfinished project…

You should explain why they let hacking go on rather than just pull the ‘alpha’ card out -to the other guys in the thread and to the OP - it’s so they can collate data on what hacks are out there, how they are used/injected and how to stop them later so it never happens again - just smile and wave at the hackers and know they will be without their accounts and hard earned dosh quite soon.

yea i think i am 1 of the many who quitted rust till gary fixes this. :slight_smile:

I expected an unfinished product. I did not expect, nor did many, an easily exploitable hackfest.
It actually surprises me that they didn’t address hacking right from the start. Cheating is a given. All multiplayer code should be written with cheating in mind. This encourages good design and structure.
Otherwise, what they have to do now is either rewrite a good deal of their code, or just tack on some cheat detection (which itself would surely be exploitable).

You don’t have nothing, you still have your home. Go farm!

So its ok that hackers clip into houses, kill you, steal everything and all the hard work that you put in is lost in 1 night after 6 or 7 days of in-game farming.

Stop crying. This game is in Alpha. You agreed to TEST the game when you purchased it. The server will wipe again anyways, and you will lose everything. Understand that Gary is working hard on improving the game. Coming to the forums and crying about it will not speed the process up. Be HAPPY that your house is still there and you don’t need 2000+ wood to redo that portion. Make the best out of what you are given right now, or go play a different game until all the kinks are worked out with this one. I have had all my stuff stolen every night, and I am still enjoying the game.

Once again, Gary is WELL AWARE of the issues with hackers and HAS addressed the problem.

You never even read my first post, I allready said that I know its Alpha, and there are issues like this that cant be resolved yet, and ofc everything will be wiped, that’s not what my concern was about, its about the issues that are being looked at, and that your stateing that im crying about it. Your again wrong, I’m stateing that you implyed for these reasons that were previously stated before, that I was being sarcastic in stateing that you are implying that its “OK” for these things to occur. Which in turn, shows your little concern for the Issues that this post was originally for.


If its legitimate players, then good for them, I applaud their efforts into taking the risk in raiding houses. It really makes the game interesting to play, and even more so when its myself doing the raiding. Nothing beats the thrill of pvp, you get when Attacking at night, or during the day fighting to survive, in a world where nothings truly safe.