Hackers in Rust - Please focus on this Dev's

Hi Rust Dev’s,

I have nearly 850hrs in Rust, and the game is highly addictive, it’s a fantastic game. One thing that stop’s me playing though in my tracks is the abundance of cheaters. I can handle the occasional visible cheaters who admins can easily see and test for, like speed hackers or jump hackers. The admins can quickly detect those and kick/ban players.

The hack that is really ruining the game for me is the ESP hackers…you NEED to put in additional checks for this hack. It ruins the game when you have spent several weeks making a massive base, with decoy loot rooms, complex internal room systems to complicate and confuse legitimate players, and to make base design meaningful.

But when you log back in to find a single pillar barricade glitch up the one side of the base, 6 floors to a specific wall in a 10 story high 5x5 base, and 2 walls breached to the exact room you had your most precious cargo in, it’s more than disheartening…it’s game destroying. It’s uninstall and move on from Rust level of disheartening.

I can accept on the occasion that players might have a lucky guess and hit the room I had my stuff in, but for it to be so obvious that they don’t even waste a single additional c4 than required to breach exactly the right room concealing the good items, OR beyond gaining the lucky room with all the stuff in it, attempting to continue onward and raid further into the base with the c4 they gained. Logic tells you that there is something not right.

I have raided many bases in my 850 hours, but having made countless normal mistakes in breaching rooms with decoy storage with nothing inside, or even entire decoy bases designed to trick players, in fact i raided a large base only last night and blew 12x C4 only to get a single full set of leather gear from the event.

For someone to then raid my massive 5x5x10 base and only use 4 c4, is highly suspect to me.

Please, if you do nothing else in the next patch…please fix the ease of access of these hacks, especially ESP

I’v noticed a lot of Aimbots etc. lately.

850 hours on a game that’s barely 15% complete… what a waste of time. Just how many bug reports have you sent in that whole time? besides whining about hackers?

I know hackers suck but they are working on far more important things right now. Stopping hackers is a game of cat and mouse and considering the huge leap forward they are working on I would rather see the current experimental branch polished and released. Take a break, if you have 850 hours I would say it is time. Come back and enjoy the new rust that hopefully has better anti cheat measures.

I’m hopeful as they rewrite the code and clean it up, that capturing and identifying exploiters and cheaters will be far easier, I just hope they are making it a priority to ensure it’s something that can’t so easily be facilitated by common players.

The number of people using them is astounding, it’s sad that there are so few players who appreciate fair competition these days.

Arguably I’m old-school, I’m back in the days where there was no high speed internet, where games were played at LAN’s, and where hackers were promptly thrown over someones shoulder, his pc unplugged and he and his pc was dumped out on the pavement, pc smashed to pieces.

Gone are those days, thus the requirement for strong focus on anti-cheats are a must have, and Rust has a lot more cheaters than I would like to accept.

Lol I remember LAN on doom back in the day. I also remember unreal tournament and counterstrike ha ing tons of hackers. It comes with PC gaming, it sucks but it is something that has always been there.

I see SO MANY ESP hackers, 40% of the people are esp hackers.

The only way to counter hackers is get the admin to find a hacker to admin his server. and see if people are looking at eachother through walls

I think you are on the wrong servers. I can’t see 40% being ESP hackers on the popular server I play on. Are you playing official servers?

It probably doesn’t make sense to work to stop hackers on the old/current branch, when we will all be moving to the new one pretty soon. For that server, it will be really important. I agree it is a big issue, although I still have fun, and rarely get hacked on small servers (but have tiny bases).

Correct me if I’m wrong as I’m not sure how ESP works, but ESP hack can’t see the contents of the chests? So how do they know which are the dummy chests what which aren’t?

If I’m correct then it means you place your real chests in obvious places, or they are good at guessing.

Yeah last time I and my friends build a base, we ended up with an entire dummy floor on top of our building filled with empty crates and walls between them. The guys that tried to raid us spent at least 30 c4 getting there and clearing the whole floor finding nothing. Since there was no stairs going to that floor they couldn’t move a floor down as well. With the c4 they had left they were able to blow maybe two other walls out to get to our furnace room. What we consistently do is build a tower of at least 4x4 and put doors everywhere with crates in every room. On the top floor we put even more crates trying to lure them up. Even the ESP hackers don’t know where to start looking then and either use their c4 on the dummy floor or leave your house to find an easier target.

As far as I can tell devs know about hacks. And even probably have downloaded and reversed engineered those hacks to understand the weaknesses of their product. Anti hack precautions are on their way (Easy Anti Cheat) :slight_smile:

Btw, why everyone keep putting up upfront how many hours they’ve spent on this game, do you get bonus points or smt ?

My e-penis is 220 hours long… oh… sorry, here i thought someone was showing of.

Just leave the cheaters alone, let them have their fun, since they did pay some 15-20 dollars for their “hacks”

Let the developers make an awesome game and just ignore the cheaters.
There will come a day when cheaters will face judgement day.
But that is not today.

Not Today

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