Hackers in Rust

Please do something with the hackers in rust the are winning all the stuff like the air drops,loot,guns and nobody is doing something. If you are really reading this, i am talking to you creators banned them your warning in the game doesn´t do anything
If you want to do something with this hackers please comment.

Its pretty much there game at this point. The devs have lost control.

Given the current hacker situation I cannot recommend this game to anyone.

I wish this wasn’t the case.

The only thing you can do is play on seriously moderated community server. Avoid official servers

There aren’t as many hackers as people think, everyones used to games that baby them- just because you lost a firefight doesn’t mean the other person is hacking. Just because these people have more resources and c4 than you doesn’t mean they’re hacking.

A lot of kids on here are inept to skill and call hacker the second they die or lose something, I’ve shot around people and then shot them and they started screaming “AIMBOT”

Yes stating that VAC takes 3 months to ban hackers and cheaters is a horrible excuse for the way things are going in the game. I would be very interested to see a list of players they have actually banned for cheating up to this point I am guessing there isn’t one or there is maybe 5 names on the list

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lol right… I have played on 4 servers and confirmed cheaters on 2 so already 50% of the servers ive played on have cheaters and thats out of a small pool and one of those servers is my own which is only 2 days old and has 10 users … as soon as the population grows ill have some show up im sure. I have seen someone teleport into a house on a server a friend owned and killed someone who also happend to be the only person on the server with a BAR. I have seen someone head shot 3 people at max m4 range within seconds of eachother… dude there are a TON of cheaters in this game

Against a non hacker i’m able to dodge to make them miss my head so i die in more than one hit 80-90% of the time. If i’m unarmed i’ll survive sometimes for a second or two against an M4 unless the player is a noob and then i’ll survive unarmed for like 12-13 seconds. Sometimes I’ll get killed with torso hits/arm hits/leg hits.

Non-hackers don’t run around with 250 metal walls/250 metal ceilings/multiple stacks of c4 because there is a chance you might get killed with it.

Hackers can see you coming from a mile away with their x-ray vision and know they will win a shootout with aimbot so they have no fear carrying that kind of stuff around or wasting c4 on fresh spawns because they can dupe it.

That sounds like an admin, not a hacker/cheater.

Yeah, I am having this case in Bmrf official rust server 2, it is getting annoying because, they now have wall hacking.

Guys dont worry its still in Alpha also Vac is searching for new offsets to get cheats detected there aint alot outside since ive heard it from Vac Support but actually Vac is giving hard back those guys get banned in any time…

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There are no Hackers believe we got always Admins around everytime if not then watch Ts there must be always an admin to help you if somebody is cheating hacking duping or anything… and the server dont get wiped like other only if its really full but this should take a while :slight_smile:

the game is good i recommend it but the only problem are hackers

Thanks dasole

Dasole thanks thats a really good answer i hope they are admins

believe their are our server is always secure… And helping people out. u can team up also pvp if u want so there is no problem we are watching over our players.

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Thank you very much dasole, if we decide to leave our server, we wont think twice in joining yours.

Great to hear, we keep watching our logs for players that use weird stuff or been known as hacker there get banned instantly… and everybody can contact us in Teamspeak if somebody is hacking glitching or anything…

Thx for Answer buddy

thanks Dasole but we have a team in bmrf.meoficialrustserver2 we have a house and provisions so i can´t leave it we put so much effored in this and we wont leave it. We will resist anything that will happened