Hackers messed with my mouse settings

Hey, recently i was on a DarkRP server. Hackers got on and they messed with my client. They somehow unbind-ed all my keys and made my screen black and made the mouse settings dreadful.
I’ve fixed everything except the mouse problems. I’ve played with the settings in the options menu, so far nothing has fixed it completely.
I can’t look up or down (It feels like they’ve set the speed of looking up and down really low because i can look up and down a little bit but it’s really hard to) and whenever looking side to side it’s extremely fast.
Please give me solutions. I’ve searched about this a lot, i have tried many things and only successful solution recommended is to re-install Garry’s Mod.(Which my internet is too slow to do so i don’t even want to think about doing that.)
Also when sv_cheats 1 is on, i can look up and down, but it’s extremely jittery. (keep in mind, this happens on any gamemode and any server) Please help me! Any solutions would be fine!


Go to the options menu and find the button that says “reset to default” or whatever.

It will set all of your binds to the default ones. Not sure if the mouse tab has a default button, but go and see.

-Go into your options
-Go into Keyboard Options
-Click Default ( Above Ok_Cancel_Apply )

This hasn’t fixed it :confused:

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The mouse part in options doesn’t have a set to default button.

What do you mean the mouse part? When clicking reset to default it resets EVERYTHING. Including mouse.

The “Reset to defaults” option in the keyboard tab only resets binds/keys. If i’m wrong. This still hasn’t work.

Try clicking the mouse speed slider and using the arrow keys to move it.

Or just use your mouse, I don’t know how erratic the movement is.

I’ve tried moving it to every position of the slider, and even restarting gmod every time when doing so :confused: It just ain’t fixing it. I personally think the hacker(s) forced console mouse speed commands into my console.

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I also have this in my console whenever loading up a game:

No Kinect SDK
Unknown command “cl_thirdperson”
JOY_AXIS_X: mapped to Turn (absolute)
JOY_AXIS_Y: mapped to Look (absolute)
JOY_AXIS_Z: unmapped
JOY_AXIS_R: mapped to Forward (absolute)
JOY_AXIS_U: mapped to Side (absolute)
JOY_AXIS_V: unmapped
Advanced Joystick settings initialized
Unknown command “hud_showemptyweaponslots”
Unknown command “sv_backspeed”
Not playing a local game.

As if it’s trying to force commands every time i load game.

Have you ever tried to install a bunnyhop script? Because i have seen these in console for people who have attempted to install a bunnyhop script that doesnt work and uses false commands

The very fact that users were able to get on your DarkRP server and run LUA code from their own clients directly into the server shows that you may have a backdoor (most likely in the form of a downloaded addon).

I’d look around in your LUA folder for any script that looks suspicious or “wasn’t there before” for your mouse sensitivity problem.

No, i don’t hack.

Check that “sensitivity” in console is between 5-10
And that “m_customaccel” is 0

I didn’t check in the folder before, so i wouldn’t know, and i just fixed it. Had to take my friends config.cfg mouse settings and paste them in my console, it sorted it out. Still very very tiny slightly buggy tho. But better than nothing eh?