Hackers - Never ending story?

I am sorry for this post, maybe im gonna get a ban though, i didnt read all of those strict forum “rules” (lets say “jokes”).

We had an invasion of roundabout 10 chinese hackers on our server. And every single guy had speedhack, was flying around and had some sort of damage hack. I got killed by nothing, just “… killed you with a hit to your torso” - no weapon what so ever. He was naked and didnt even have a bow.

I dont wanna post any kind of link here, but you can google “rusthack”. Eventually you will find a website were a “rust survival tool” is offered, only 15 bucks, and free updates guaranteed. There is even a demo-video on YT.

Not to mention that i dont get the point of cheating in a computer game at all - this completely sucks out every singly bit of fun from this game.

So please - is there any chance that this game will not have a hacker problem? If not - im sorry - you can forget the game completely.

So long, H0nk.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the rules" - Orkel))

Hackers will always be here as long as people want to hack. No matter the anti cheats they will come but will be banned in the future. But enless they make a anticheat that scans your PC for hacks or changes in the games files or process then no they will always be around sorry to say.

u r right. we all dislike them. guess devs’ll read this. good night.

It’s full of topics like these H0nk but going on people’s topics that rated your dumb just to do the same without justifying (because it has been repeated thousands of times but ofc u didn’t bother to check that) is just childish .
There are some good methods to catch them but I won’t reveal them on a public topic (using them only on our server)

After reading this why do i have the distinct feeling that you are advertising a hack…
Hint, look at paragraph 3