Hackers on my server (Warning)

Hey there, I’ve had an issue with hackers on my server. Sorry if this is in the wrong place or anything I really just need this sorted out and this info in the public domain.

So I’m new to server hosting and was in process of setting up my RP server. Three of the people listed below (the emote face, hackcraft and blank guy) joined and asked if I needed help so they gave me some addons and generally helped set up ulx they then helped the server by coding content, they were extremely nice and helped out in general had very good english and didn’t seem like your average kids.

Then a couple of days later, they started to mess it up, including banning staff members, mass propkill, mass rdm with what appeared to be aimhacks and spinbot, advertising hacks and threatening people.

They have threatened my staff and our internet connections have been going offline, we also got ip banned from the server so i have to use a vpn now to connect i dont know how to unban (I don’t know much about gmod-coding hence why we got these “devs”), every time i try to unban a steamid it gets automatically added to the banlist by “console”. or if we try to ban one of theirs they get unbanned.
we’ve tried to ban them but they keep unbanning themselves i dont even know how, i tried re-adding them on steam and one of them (the blank guy and the smiley guy) are very intimidating and has scared my friend quite a bit who is quite young.

here are the profiles of those who were screwing up the server or at least were found to be on there admin abusing and giving themselves admin

This is just purely a warning as these seem at first to be very charismatic and professional (even two of them had workshop addons and high gmod hours to help convince), however their pure aim is to destroy servers so do not trust these people.

Is there anything I can do now to save my server or any advice to ban these people as they seem to have infected the server some-how, sorry if this seems like a noob post but I have no idea about lua or addons and was just looking for some help now this has happened.


They probably backdoored the addons they gave you

Reinstall the entire server.

Then don’t add the addons they gave you.

TL;DR don’t use addons strangers give you. Or if you’re somewhat experienced check for backdoors.

You don’t really have a hacker issue, you’ve just got a bad case of server owner malpractice. Live and learn lol.

First, wipe the banned_ip.cfg file, then uninstall all of the addons loaded onto it.

If all else fails, completely wipe your server.

This is defiantly when alarm bells should be ringing.

But at the end of the day, if they keep joining your server you can use this against them. If you still have access to your server just drop an IP logger and you can just use there pathetic blackmail against them. Of course id hope you wouldn’t do anything with there IP’s, just, scare them ya know :slight_smile:

There’s no point doing that. Just cleanup the server and move on.

I’m sure its easier to say move on when you and your friends are not being consistently harassed constantly.