Hackers on Rust

I want to know what you guys are doing to stop the hackers in Rust… I was on Rust. Yesterday and as soon as I got on, I saw 4 Different hackers in the air fighting and flying, (lawl, was pretty sad though). I would like to be able to play without having guys fly through 3 walls of armored metal and taking my stuff. It’s getting ridiculous how fast hackers are multiplying. I want there to be an active Admin or Bot on each server to detect for hackers and keep the game running smoothly. Or just an Anti-cheat System installed throughout all servers. If you agree, copy-paste, share, like, do anything you can to spread this message please. Thank you for taking your time to read this.:dance: I don’t want people to read this and be like “OMG it’s words!”

Have you tried reading… well, anything?

Rust uses two anticheats: VAC and EAC. The devblogs have made this clear for months. VAC and EAC ban cheaters on a regular basis. The devs have also just set up a Twitter account to investigate hacker reports in servers. No anticheat is instant or perfect, because hacks constantly update themselves, and it’s a continuous battle.


“We got a fun new bot in our Slack”

If you want a well-curated server, play on a community server with active admins. The devs are too busy actually creating the game to sit on the official servers 24/7 to babysit them.

Yeah it is pretty bad. They don’t tell you this, but it is a really bad idea to pay on the Official servers. Eventually they will do more to stop hackers - although they do have 2 systems in place now - they just are very slow to ban or stop hackers.