Hackers on Sydney 2

Hello Facepunch,

Hackers are ruining this game, Sydney 2 does not seem to have any moderators or if they are, they’re not very active or not doing a very good job.

I’m not even talking about aim bot, but when it’s obvious you see people walk through walls and place landmines all throughout your base, super jump from one side of the airfield to the other over and over again, super run around the map hatching people, or standing there while you shoot them 50 times just laughing at you, then you know they’re hacking.

This is occurring multiple times a day, and it’s often impossible to find their names to report them, and even if you do, they never get banned.

This wouldn’t be too bad if they didn’t get into your base and ruin days of grinding.

You’ll be losing a lot of people who play this game.



op, give us an example of a cheater who you have reported, who has never been banned; otherwise it’s just subjective nonsense. in my experience, EAC are kicking the ass of cheaters regularly. unfortunately, without resorting to HWID or IP bans, the cheaters can rebuy rust and try again until they are detected and processed again.

How do you get someone’s steam ID when they’re jumping over your base, or jumping over the airfield, or clipping through walls and you can’t get close to them?

Mate this isn’t subjective nonsense. I am not talking about anything which is possibly legit, like people constantly hitting with headshots, or bugs in the game allowing items to be seen through walls, or people who I think should be dead but aren’t. I’m talking about blatant hacking where you literally see people jump over 3 story buildings. Or run 20x the speed of normal, or walk through walls constantly.

I’m not talking about seeing this every now and then, I mean this is happening daily and for long periods of time. Tuesday night there were two people at the airfield for over an hour just jumping from one side to the other.

by subjective nonsense, i don’t mean cheaters. i mean your claim that “they never get banned”. the twitter account has literally thousands of steam id’s listed who have been banned; unless you can provide a steam id that you personally have reported, who has then NEVER been banned, it IS subjective information.

don’t get me wrong, cheaters suck, and they are pretty rampant. but until the game is completed, EAC really have their work cut out for them; and i don’t think the constant hysteria in the community of “hackers never get banned” helps anyone. i appreciate it’s hard to report a player whose name you can’t see, but that’s even more proof that EAC are doing their job with detections; players are still being banned despite you being unable to report them.

Yeah that’s subjective, but when our base has been hit daily by hackers, it must be fairly rampant.

How does someone become an admin anyhow?

not possible afaik :confused:

the general consensus at this stage seems to be that official servers are hacker filled cesspools, and it’s better to play on community servers with decent moderation. the devs will come onto official servers on occassion and lay the smack down on the more obvious assholes (bypassing the delays for EAC detection), but typically it’s only protected by EAC and VAC; active moderation just isn’t a thing right now, at least on official channels.