Hackers on US Central 4

Some wetbacks going by the names Plutonians and Pornstar Buddha have decided to use hacks in-game to be able to compete against legitimate players. While it’s unfortunate that they are unable to use a mouse to move a reticle, this only proves the point that they need to move back to Mexico, Columbia or whatever other fucked up third-world hole they crawled out of. I think the devs should remove beans from the game so these damn beaners will get off of US servers. I feel bad that they’re not even considered cool enough by their “manes” or “holmes” to be allowed to peddle drugs on the street irl. I guess they have a sad life of washing dishes and cleaning bathrooms all day just to come home to video game hacks to make them feel important. I actually don’t care that they hack, I just hate Mexicans. For any Mexicans reading this, go back to your own country and learn how to grow a full beard.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread, racial slurs" - postal))

Thanks for classing all Mexicans together when talking about cheaters, it really helps with the argument and is completely relevant.