Hackers R US

ok i dont know where I’m Suppose to put the hacker names so i’ll put it here and hopefully it will find its way home +)

Steam Names Will and Skyrider…

theres more than that im trying to get there friend names.

The server i’m playing they weere duping C4 and when i mean duping i mean massive ammounts

all they did was grief the shit out of my village area…

whats the gaming world coming too.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

I think i had the same problem on my server… they c4 8 huts then raided oure 4 story house blew everything up all the huts got demolished … they even destroyed all the boxes … i mean how retarded can you be lol but there is no way you would use all the c4 on those huts just in case to find 1 box with nothing in it!

BMRF Server?

Posting their names is pretty pointless, include Steam ID’s or Steam community profiles.
You also had better have pretty good amount of proof. Calling hacks can really damage peoples rep.

yep server 2

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thats the plan when u have a server that was wiped on the 30th and they use about 60 to 100 c4 to get through everything

plus they just started blowing walls for no reason is bs

no one can make 60 c4 not even 40 in 3 days

I can only provide circumstantial ‘pile on’ evidence as well, but I and some people I know have been killed by Will in suspicious ways that seem like he is aimbotting. Headshots, in the dark, both people moving. No hard video evidence, but I would steer clear of the guy.

it doesnt matter they Valve anti cheat system should have them for duping and if they used an aimbot that will show up as well

i wish they started making whitelisted servers so i can play the game with people that want to play it fairly.