Hackers-Still as much ?

I’ve been staying in hospital for a week now because of surgery,I would like to know if these still a lot of hackers in Official Servers?
I’m getting discharged on Monday so Rust al the way


Cheatpunch banned most of them, Havent seen any hackers in a while, they still exist tho but significantly less

Get well over the weekend.

High pop servers still infested with cheaters if that answers your question.

I saw 2 hackers last night, they was flying and speed hacking, running at you and boum shotgun shot to your face.

Had 3 hackers in a server invisible shots and auto shot stuff like that.

If you die you see no name.

I think there are still alot of hackers, they’re just spread out and waiting to be banned hehe.

Thanks all

There’s a lot of hackers where I’m playing (high pop private servers and officials)
There are also a new decay hack, remote kill hack and stuff