Hackers still rampant, please FacePunch listen.

I’m playing mostly Official Server UK1, and even after CheatPunch there are still plenty of hackers. I keep a list of the regular hackers, with their steam ID and names, reporting them everytime I see them hacking. They should absolutely be banned. If anyone at Facepunch is interested in my list, or having me as admin on the server, please contact me. I’m a grown up (30+) man who can be a good admin of the server. I will ban only upon repeated hacking (which anyway it’s very often the case).

This is what I’ve seen hackers do with my eyes:

  • aimbot (they shoot and hit you without aiming)
  • no recoil (gun shoots multiple hits at the same time)
  • speed hack (the run as fast as they want)
  • instant kill (not sure how is done, but I experienced it myself many times)
  • jump hack (they can jump as high as they want)
  • fly
  • disable walls, and hit you through walls
  • clip through ceilings and destroy all your boxes

I understand it’s very hard to prevent all those cases by code, but few trusted admins can go really a long way, at least on official servers. If you don’t want to have admins, then nominate at least someone who can report to you (FacePunch) the regular hackers, which are known to the whole community. Seeing someone destroying your stuff, kill you multiple times, and not getting banned is a bad feeling.

Thanks. (Great game btw).

I wish it were possible to play on official servers w/o hackers but they’d probably have to pay someone to admin the server unless people were willing to do it on a volunteer basis. An alternative is to find a good community server w/ active admins until such a time when Official servers have admins/a really effective anti-cheat comes out.

To start things off, no, you won’t be an admin.

There’s ZERO tolerance for cheating. If you’re saying you’d give them a chance, clearly, you’d make a terrible admin.

^ True story