Hackers, STOP

Im getting tired to get killed by hackers all the time, recently i got killed by lirangafani789, while he shot me through a cliff with a bolt action rifle, so please, dont cheat guys…

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And what is the point in this thread?

When the hackes live to the age when they lost interest in the games., It will be very sorry about wasted time. No return. I do not envy them.
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I agree that hackers are annoying. But do you know what’s even more annoying? People being labelled as hackers simply because they are more skilled than other players on that server. Enough people whine and call you a hacker, an admin will just ban you instead of finding actual proof of hacking.

There’s also some really bad admins out there that if you kill them, they’ll just call you a hacker and ban you. Admin abuse is almost as bad as the hacking on some servers.

However, this is just part of the game at the moment unfortunately. There are good servers out there, they’re just harder to find. Overall I’ve had MOSTLY positive experiences on the servers I’ve selected.

Downloading a script from a script kiddie and running the executable, does not a hacker make.

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