Hackers Tarnishing Players Reputations

Are there ever going to be permanent names in game where no 2 people can have the same name?

I am having someone on US EAST 1 aimbotting and speedhacking up a storm using my name.

As you can see he was using my name.

Steam just doesn’t work that way, a lot of people want to be El Chupa Nibre or whatever so Valve has allowed people to both have a common name and a unique identity. It’s a solution that a lot of companies will move to eventually, and there are already over 65 million Steam accounts and as such it’s just not feasible to expect that there won’t be more than one person who wants to go by any specific name.

Well, I am not so concerned with the steam account, as much as a player profile in game where you create a name and go on the server.

Rust explicitly provides an impersonation mechanic, although it’s not intended for hackers to use. Basically, like everything else they do, hackers are abusing this feature.

Impersonation is intended to be part of Rust. It’s also why hack reports with screenshots are worthless, because there’s no proof that those screenshots are tied to a specific Steam ID.