Hackers will kill Rust

Hello admins,

When are you going to deal with hackers on the game?

Today I played more than 5 hours in a row to make me good equipment and a good home, a hacker went through walls, killed me, and emptied my coffers.

Please do something, I’m totally bored with this game and my friends are too, we lost everything.

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb thread." - Pascall))


Money > Bans.

Hackers will kill Rust, once it’s released and nothing has been done.

Until then, we’re in alpha, and you need to be patient. There’s plenty of things on the plate of to-do’s, and given the servers will be wiped many times over while they implement new features, right now losing a few items is to be expected whether it be to hackers or server wipes.