Hackers with hidden Steam Accounts?

I’ve noticed a few times that when I’m killed by a hacker there’s absolutely no way to find their name for reporting, it simply does not show up on the player years, as if their account is intentionally hidden. Can anyone share some idea’s about getting around this problem so I can properly report very obvious hackers.

Also, there are obviously hackers who will just down you, loot your gear, and move in. I try to grab screenshots of their name but it doesnt often work, and I do find their name it’s usually a hidden steam account that I cant find

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you!

In Cs:Go you can Check their playerprofile with the cs:Go Level. Maybe helps.

How about when they kill you and the killed by name and weapon are both blank ? This makes it even harder.

They really need to add some kind of status command back to the game that returns a list of players and their SteamIDs, or the ability to open people’s profiles from the F7 menu, not sure why status was removed in the first place. The ‘Recent players’ system on Steam barely works half the time as well.