Hey,i just want to report 2 Hackers…Names:Herpilicious killed me like 5 times always one shot from longe range and close he always hit with his weapon.
Totallynotabandit is a fucking Speedhacker who destroyed my House he smashed 4 doors in like 2 secs…

Once again, proof?

It’s quite sad that they’re not getting banned… But hey, it’s a very early alpha and there are more important things to prioritize.

Yeah its really sad because i like this game a lot but every time i build my house theres a hacker and destory it in like 5 secs…
But yeah is alpha and i hope its getting better one day…

Well, I do not care about priorities. I care about playability of this game. I got our house destroyed in few seconds, all chests robbed, sleeping bags destroyed. All that took that scum like 5 minutes. Then I had to find my mates again and start from nothing, which took us few hours of our precious lifetime and now it will take few hours of psychiatric sessions.
It makes me sad, because no competent people are doing nothing. It may be even fully finished game, when they get no rid of this as soon as possible, there will be no one to play due to disgust. Seriously, I was raging in the chat, crying in front of my PC because nobody was there to stop them, not even my mum. You work for hours on your sh!t, making it as safe as possible, preparing for the worst that can meet you according the rules, and in few moments, some jerk rushes at you through wall and kills you to death ? Categorical NO!
So please, If there is anobody able to stop this- get out there and do it now. Rust may be a better place than it is. Please, make it happen.

There are always higher priorities than hackers, this is early alpha. Not only that, at a certain point of your post I stopped reading. Have you not learned from any other game? There will always be hackers, especially in early steps. I suggest you restrap your balls on and toughen up, even when this game is finished there will always be hackers.

I have also witnessed the two hackers you reported: Totallynotabandit speeded up to me and killed me out of no where and the other tw*t Herpilicious, after me and my friend finished our base, came up and started destroying it with a speed hack. We managed to kill him somehow and he had like 30 m4s and 10 shotguns - seems legit right? -_-

Tucis has been running around speed hacking, we have managed to kill him every time, but he is still a hassle

It is annoying, I’ve had the same issue with Aw3somness before. He’s banned from the forums right now though… But he’s rejecting it all the time.

ye i can prove that im uploading right now they are destroying our base doors with speed hack 30 hits per sec.

It’s becoming more than just an annoyance. We build our base far, far away from the spawn to avoid dealing with this. We still have to deal with speedhackers breaking doors at the speed of sound and murdering us in a split second

borderline unplayable

I Remember someone saying stopping Speedhackers would be extremely easy.
People type /do reclock to resync their speed with the server.
Speedhackers unsync their speed, so they go extremely fast.
All Pat or Hulk need to do is make this an automatic process, so anyone who becomes unsynced is resynced automatically.

Why ban people who find exploits and loopholes in an alpha phase?

Similar question that many people ask regarding another alpha build game, Shores of Hazeron… do you ban those that find exploits and use them, or do you simply patch the issue and move on?

I don’t see why games are released into alphas/betas if they are easily hacked, surely it must turn some of the potential players sour and drive them away from the game. I’ve avoided paying for the gold account to get a beta key just because of the hackers.

Depends on the developer for sure, can you sync every player on the server or just yourself?

AlexRequin hatchet speedhacks

Killed 2 players within 2-3 seconds with hatchet

AlexRequin just killed me and my friend using speedhack. Just so people are aware.

Seems like new hackers pop up everyday. And that Pwnapple guy certainly doesn’t help telling everyone in the chat on how to start speedhacking.

I Swear, there are so many new Hackers every day, too many to count here.
All jumping on the bandwagon with Cheat Engine. No smart Hackers using custom code.