I seriously love this game, but the amount of hackers is insane.
So far i saw tons of aimbots/ESP/God mode & and just a minute ago a guy called n3rdsupreme was flying upto our rooftop ( yes i actually saw him fly ) and looted us.
I’ll be keeping an eye on the forums and patch notes, and give this game another shot when they get rid of a fair amount of hacks.

Cheers, Fatallx

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky, missed the hackers thread" - postal))

It’s sad that they have to cheat. I hope it doesn’t become another dayz / warz hackfestation.
The 2 of all games I’ve played riddled with cheaters. I had thought the amount of cheating in Counter-Strike was bad…

I played both dayz/warz, i know what you’re talking about.
Though i’m afraid it will be like that, but who knows, lets hope for the best.

Please someone look into this. I was playing all day long with a damn stone, trying to survive the frenchmen on EU, getting spawnkilled and baseraped all the time.
Either Fatallx is bullshitting, or someone is namespoofing, I’m more frustrated about the clan wars direction this is going to…

There will always be cheaters, whatever you do, even if you spend thousands of hours trying to counter them, they will always be there

Very true, thats why i said ‘’ i hope they get rid of a fair amount ‘’.

Give me your account and I’ll ban every hacker in the game

101% legit

Don’t say names and accuse without proof. You could have said “one guy” but you wanted to throw around baseless accusations. I have been accused of “flying” by FREINDLY:) and yet I’m not flying nor has there been proof brought to the table.

Just sharing my story mate :slight_smile: i saw his name when he killed me twice and got his tag.
So yes i’m sure it was n3rdsupreme. if you want to believe me is up to you, i’m just here to tell you guys whatsup.

I haven’t seen a single hacker since I started playing and that’s like 2 months…

It’s called defamation and legal action can be taken against that in many places around the world. It’s your job to prove he did it, so do it, otherwise don’t post it.

i doubt anyone is going to sue someone because they were called a hacker in an alpha for a game

I have actually seen you do this flying thing first hand. You don’t fly but you definitely exploit the game to climb people’s walls to get in houses.
It’s pretty cheap but it’s alpha I guess and others faults for not putting ceilings on their homes.

So you’re saying you’ve seen me fly, but I don’t fly? What?

And TCB, I was stating that to show that it’s shunned upon in most communities, not that people are going to sue him.

Dude it’s a videogame…