there are currently two guys in the europe sleepers server called notime and a guy with no name what so ever

their buddied up, shooting people through walls, raking all their resources, no clipping through walls, not to mention notime typed in chat ‘’ nograss.false ‘’

wonder why he typed that eh? :slight_smile:

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hacker report thread" - postal))

He typed that, because it’s a console fucking command. And having no name is easy to do.

> Press F1 to open console, type commands to do shit.
> Become a hacker

Who knew it was that easy…

grass.on false is a command you can input to the console to turn of grass, enhancing performance…

Had no idea about the performance thing, either way there is two guys currently flying around, shotgunning folk and going through their walls… so your telling me this no clip is a console command :L?

and notime is no hacker be sure of that he is one of my team member ^^

Yep sorry, had no idea it was a console command, all I knew was there was two hackers in the server, saw it and I thought it was a bit fishy XD

Noname isnt a hacker I am certain. But there is a actual guy with a space as a name so he literally has no name. That guy is the hacker. I don’t know whether or not there are two but perhaps there is.

Kronix too, dunno if he teleported or “clipped” through my wall, but he got inside my house, killed me twice and stole all my things. By the time i got back he was gone and so were my items…

He’s lucky as i didn’t manage to get a screenshot or a video of him…

What would that do anyway ?

The console doesn’t do anything to give hacks or noclip etc. Or else the devs would have removed it long ago.

Guys, no reason to call him an idiot. He’s been made aware of the console command by enough people. No need to get nasty over it.