Currently a guy with no name on EU Central sleepers has been going around no clipping into the ground and in peoples houses griefing it and taking all the loot And there is also a group ( [Rau] ) That I think is with them I killed [Rau]Elite and he had all the stuff the hacker got from my house. This person has done this to my whole group we all have nothing now and have quit the EU server.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hacker report thread" - postal))

No proof, not supposed to post this here. Better delete this, since you can get a short ban for it, just letting you know man


I was with and yes the hacker literally has no name : / it is literally only a space. The EU server has been up and down also because of either ddos or the hacker. The hacker seems to fly around and kill / raid people of their stuff. They don’t have god mode because they can still die. We killed one and he had to leave and rejoin. I am hoping to see a fix for the problem like for instance permanent name tags or pay for changing it. I know this is a inconvenience but really is a bummer when you have all these hackers and no way to get rid of them. I just hope they don’t wreck an amazing game that rust is and what great potential it has. I know its still alpha and that you guys most likely have had lots of claims of these hackers. I feel actually bad for the game devs because they need to work on the game itself instead of bs like this that someone created.

Having the means to get rid of them and/or choosing not to are two very different things. That said I’m sure they’re capable of tracking name changes. I for one don’t want to be restricted or have to pay for a name change.