Hello people, I’m getting frustrated with this one person on Australia #1. Me and my crew got a canister from and Airdrop and we called an airdrop in at night time, in about 1 minute this 1 Kevlar runs at us 5 and 2 headshots us all in the matter of 4 seconds. His name is Notorious.B.I.G.
Here is the link people! FIX IT PLEASE!
Admins PM me if you wan’t the link to the hacks.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

Take the link down idiot. Unless you want more people with it?

LoL, 23, the same day that 6 boys assaulted my house we got with my 9 friends and they head-shot us all, lol, that explain a lot !!

Fuck aimboters, they are noobs and doesn’t have skills.