There is a guy that is currently terrorizing the Eastern Server 1. JayDee, everyone in the server knows he is hacking and he isn’t even trying to hide it, he flies all over the map one hitting everyone from the air that he sees. At the point he is completely terrorizing the server. But there is nothing the hundred of people on there can do. He is killing people through walls and destroying the commerce and trade people are doing. One man, a kid, is destroying this server and everyone’s enjoyment. Now here is a great part. JayDee is banned. Most of the hackers are. That doesn’t stop them from logging back on though. It is actually extremely easy to negate a ban. All it would take to restore a little order is at least one admin, but there is nothing and all I can find about solving the problem is the devs are working on it. Is there anything you can actually do aside from swapping servers?

And this is why I avoid official servers like the plague…go find another server, a vanilla community one :slight_smile: you’ll be much better off