somone suddenly just walk throught a wall and kill me inside my house.

why isn’t there a normal anti-cheat program?..

it’s actually un-playable that way =\

well, entered the house, killed us, and then used the cupboard the destroy the whole house.

everything we’ve done is gone.

yeah, i think i’m gonna stop playing the alpha now, it is impossible to play that way.

Yesterday base are all fuck up on two server I play, building parts disappear… not everybody saw the same thing, my second floor totally disappear for me but i saw someone walking on it… for me he literally float in the air… I want to know if it was only invisible for me but was actually there, so I try to jump where they was supposed to be and fall. So the second floor was not there for me but it was there for another player.
I log off and reconnect then the second floor is back again but this time it was all my foundation that disappear… I can walk freely under my base and have access to any chess and furnace.
I try to log of and reconnect a couple of time and each time something different happen with my base :suicide:

So what you see may not be an hacker… just someone that for him there is no wall at all !

“Fixed packets sometimes being dropped (dissapearing wall glitch) - @garrynewman (/main)”

This should be fixed after the next update.

i doudbe it…

for me and my friend and others that tried getting into the house, the walls was there…but then, a dude wearing weird shit came, walk right through the wall (me and my friend saw that), killed us and destroyed the house.

no way it wasn’t an hacker.

i’m sorry, but ATM this is unplayable

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the wall didn’t disappeared, me and my friend saw that wall and couldn’t walk throught it, only this hacker could…

no way it was a glitch. the dude came prepered to stab us in the face :frowning:

tamir1400 - That’s what I say… your wall is there for you but not for him… it’s a bug that happen yesterday and it will be fixe… there is some other discussion about that if you read other thread you will find that you’re not alone with this problem.

Thank’s for this reply StryfeKhaos:

there are hacks, but there are also active ban waves from VAC and EAC. there are glitches, but the team is actively trying to fix them while maintaining development. it’s not unplayable, it’s unstable. learn to live with it for now if you want to play, or come back when it is more complete.

I’ve got a friend who, on occasion, will log and the entire base will be invisible. If I open a door or chest it shows for him.