This wipe is just riddled with hackers. We have had the same guys on seattle 2 for 3 days speed hacking and aimbotting, no bans yet. I think i’m going to have to put the game down for a few weeks and hope next wipe is better.

>Saw rant
>Was hoping for three page essay on why hackers annoy said player
>Opens page and see’s four lines
>Cries ;-;

But in all honesty this game has been known for being plagued with hackers for a long while now, simply play on a different server for a little bit and perhaps the hackers will be banned in the mean time.

(User was banned for this post ("Greentexting meme reply" - Craptasket))

look for an good comunity server, I barely encounterd any Player where i could be sure that he hacks since 5 months of constant playing. This the only thing i could Suggest you