Hacking/Cheating run rampant.

Why can’t some game-code be used to catch cheats, such as fly and speed hackers. For example, when a player is flying through the air, they typically have an arms flailing animation. The code could check to see if the player is registered as an admin, if not and they stay in that animation for X-amount of seconds, they are kicked or banned. Same thing with speed hacks. If a player is at x,y location and they end up at x2,y2 location, which is further than a normal player should be able to travel within a certain amount of time, they again are kicked or banned.

Also, VAC should start logging system hardware ID’s. Instead of banning an account ID, which allows the player to just log back in with a different account, the player’s whole system should be blocked. Similar to XBox or PS bricking. Sure the player could change enough hardware to get past this, but it would be more costly and harder to keep it up.

Instead of trying to detect modified files and code, have the anti-cheats catch the players performing what should be impossible actions.

Cheating is getting out of hand and I understand there may not be a budget to have moderators on every server, however there should be a set few that have a randomized schedule to check out the official servers. A server should not be allowed to be classified as “Official” if there is no admin/moderation on it. The hackers are now in open chat basically stating, “they don’t have any admins on this server, cheats are allowed. If you don’t like it, go to a different server”. Your lack of presence is understood by them to be acceptance. Players are blatantly flying across the skies and raiding 8th floors of buildings straight to loot rooms, zipping across the landscape like the flash, and one-shotting entire raid parties. We have entire groups, on the server I play for example, that admit to cheating, have everyone on their friends list with VAC and game bans, and even threaten in open chat to use their cheats to destroy your base.

I enjoy this game, however sticking around is getting far more difficult with not only the cheating atmosphere but the lack of action on your part. Please, do something soon.

i think you have the wrong idea about all this.

VAC is steam, so FP gets no say in what they do. EAC is hired by FP to deal with the cheaters in rust, which they do. admins are a third layer of protection, and not especially present in official servers, which means that community run servers are likely to be the most stable experience you have.

this isn’t a failing on FP’s behalf, it’s the deathcount for a long, drawn out war with cheaters.

that said, i’m becoming more and more an advocate for 1 of 2 things; total account bans (ie your account is locked and you can no longer play online) or HWID bans for games. perhaps something like logging everyones hwid, and if the same device gets multiple bans the device gets blocked instead. players are far too able to simply rebuy the game and go back to cheating. it’s far too easy to make a second account to burn.

Yea they jus banned 5 rent a hacks on small salt lake

mrknifey, I agree with you and I understand that it’s not specifically a Facepunch problem, with exception of the lack of admins. I do however understand that the developers use feedback from these communities and the official server owners, especially because it is still in testing phases. Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. I’m saying that it’s obvious that has been in place for years to stop cheaters, doesn’t really work. Instead of banning accounts that can be easily gotten around, ban hardware ID’s. Instead of looking for hacks, modified packets/files, look for actions in-game. Also, you don’t need a huge full-time staff to admin/moderate the servers. Just one or two people could make a huge impact. Give them a schedule where they randomly check/patrol the official servers. Make sure it’s not a repeated schedule every week, and don’t announce to the public who/when/where they are.

F7 reports on people trigger EAC to scan them and detect running hacks. You don’t need admins for that.

Official servers are for testing, anyway, and they originally had that designation to mean they’re run directly by the devs (since then a few trusted, standout servers like Rustopia and the Battle Royale mod server have been added). They’re not showcases for a 1.0-released game, they’re servers hosted by the devs to gather player data in a controlled fashion (i.e. they know the servers don’t have any mods or plugins running). So, you may want to modify your expectations, especially this one:

As for the hackers that tell you that hacking is “allowed” because the official servers do not have continuous active admin presence, report them with F7 and don’t talk to them, because they’re wrong and an EAC ban is what they deserve.

elixwhiteail. The F7 report option rarely results in anything. We’ve had many people report specific hackers. Also, the F7 option doesn’t always list their name and when they spell it with Chinese characters, most people can’t type it out to report them. Also, many of the cheats don’t show up in the recent players list. If the official servers are where the devs collect their data, players should be encouraged to play there, as many as possible. Part of this is having a minimum level of moderation.

This is basic stuff that is not been keeped on top of by the devs

they must know its happening but decide not to prevent it for now i suppose its because its still in development or takes too much time to keep on top of … who knows? but one thing for sure the hacker know they can get away with it for now and do

they must be laughing at these posts

EAC bans can be delayed mainly so the hack user and, more importantly, the hack developers have uncertainty working out exactly what, when and how EAC detected the hack. This sucks if a hacker is raiding your base NOW but it is better for the long term health of Rust.

They must make a shit ton of money from hackers buying the game multiple times because they get banned.