Hacking / Duping out of control


I’ve been enjoying Rust for a few weeks now and stuck through the UK Official servers downtime and constant DDOSing. However one problem seems to of got out of hand and that’s the Hacking and Duping.

We moved from UK official 3 to UK Official 4 when it was launched about a week ago due to the rubber banding on UK 3. Within 24-48 hours of the server being live there was already Metal buildings roughly 10x10x50, something we hadn’t seen on previous servers that had been weeks without a reset. Then came constant headshots from the other side of the map from the same names. Within a few days people were using in excess of 50 C4 to blow out every wall in any building created.

A clan mate killed one player who was naked with 50 C4 on them… Seems legit.

During our time on UK 4, a group of players from UK 3 came onto our teamspeak to let us know they was raiding our old vacant base. When we laughed and explained that we don’t play there any more and it’s a waste of C4, they replied “lol we have 1000s of duped C4”. Sure enough when I checked UK3 a few days later absolutely everything was blown out, using at least 100 C4 to gain maybe 5 guns and a handful of metal fragments.

Now between people no clipping, aimbotting and using duped C4 to blow out literally every wall in a building it’s becoming impossible to play on official servers. I appreciate VAC takes months at times but it would be cool if somewhere down the line stronger anti-hack measures were added to the game. Until then I guess we’re forced to play on Community Servers.

If you doubt the widespread nature of the problem feel free to shoot by UK 4 and check out the ridiculous sized metal buildings throughout the map. Careful not to get head shot every spawn though! Also look out for people C4’ing your wood shelter and furnace xD

Indeed. Same goes for UK2. Tonight some dupe ran into our camp alone, while my friend was online to witness the chaos. He brought a shitton of C4, blew up every single wall and door in our huge village.
Looted absolutely everything/destroyed it.
Whenever my friend peaked his head out the window - bam. Dead. Korean name - can’t even report him somehow.
Fun stuff Garry.

EDIT: Oh and we also got a shitton of metal towers of doom everywhere around the server.