Hacking, duping, unnecessary banning of people

So yeah this game is broken by hackers. For now.

Everyone on the forums mentioning hackers or the servers getting ddosed are getting banned and have their threads closed.
Instead of admins looking into the game and looking on the problem, they are banning people on the forums complaining about it. We all know that how the VAC banning works. We understand that people are on holiday and have lifes, but at least show that you care and you are working on it instead of turning your back and banning the people trying to make a change.
Probably gonna get banned for ‘crappy post’ for sharing my opinion like everyone else that has complained.

Hacker video-

(User was banned for this post ("dumb thread. maybe read the rules here before you post" - postal))

That is because you didn’t read the fucking sticky, you buttface. THAT is why people here get banned. You REPORT THE PROFILE ON STEAM, then you PM ONE OF THE DEVS ABOUT THE ISSUE, then go from there.

Is the insult really necessary?