Hacking is again, rampant in GMod 13

After having my previous thread closed while seeing somebody use the “HERA” radar in my servers; I have found yet another cheat which also works when my server has sv_allowcslua 0.

http://www.hyp3.us/index.html (Please remove if you don’t want this here; but it blatantly states that it works for GM13, I just banned a player and he told me this is what he uses)

I’d really, really appreciate it if you didn’t close this thread garry, but rather take a look at this since it does have DLLs; which you can probably easily detect.

Hera Radar: http://pastebin.com/LAv5ABLV

After multiple days trying to figure out how people speedhack; it seems as easy as just setting “Speed Hack” in Cheat Engine.

This is deeply saddening, please do not close this thread; this is a real problem that needs real solutions.

You can’t be serious about people using that “hera radar”

if SERVER then

util.AddNetworkString( "KickMe" )

net.Receive( "KickMe", function( _, ply )
	ply:Kick( "Bye!" )
end )


timer.Create(“why?”…math.random(0, 123123), 10, 0, function()
if ESP then
net.Start( “KickMe” )
end )[/lua]

[lua]for k,v in pairs(_G) do
local k = v

really :v:

Interesting :v:, something for the DLL hack then?