hacking is more fun then playing the actual game

So after my friend killed this guy on a server he decided to wall up my door and basically make it impossible for me to get back into my house. He said it was, “because your friend killed me”.

Well after realizing how retarded the community is here I decided to just get an aimbot and see how fun it was. And let me say…using cheats in this game makes it immensely better. Duplicating C4 and blowing up peoples stuff, blocking everybodys doors and aimbotting people from across a field is a million times better then trying to play with this shit community. Hopefully VAC won’t get me anytime soon lol.

You wont last long look at the forums… every day there are heaps of threads complaining about their ban lol

You will get VAC’d, and when it happens, you will likely come here to claim you never cheated, after which I will look up your cheats profile and call you out on it for hilarious effect. Just warning you in advance.

Blah, oh well. Until then pissing off other people who attempt to piss you off is still more fun then playing the game lol.

Until you get banned, which is a permanent mark on your account and you will not be able to play at all, making it a waste in the long run.

The game isn’t fun the way it is now though, in my opinion. Maybe in a few months itll be fun and I will just get a new account and buy it again. As of now though, destroying this cess pool of a community is wonderful.

Well if you are willing to spend another twenty bucks, go right ahead, it isn’t my account.

You don’t understand irony.

Just helping the develepers get more money. I will say Hacking is fun to a extent. But people messing with you with hacks is a pain.

So most of those who use hacks were turned to the Dark side because they were killed legitimately in game?

wasting time on a game that is no longer enjoyable for you and making it not enjoyable for others…welp im done

“just becouse i dont like the game no one else shall have fun” last time i wached such behavior was in 3. or 4. grade… shame on you op

Sounds like the OP needs to grow up.

You’re the reason this game is failing. Get some skill, and then try again later bud.

I’ve been VAC banned a ton of times and I just make a new account. Why would this guy care?

Never said he should, I just told him what would happen. If he has the.money to.waste, Im not stopping him.

Step 1. Be dick to person.
Step 2. Person is dick back.
Step 3. Use Step2 to justify hacking and the statement “the community is shit”.

Not really good logic.

Step4. Brag about it on a forum.

For one, you’ll be banned pretty quickly announcing your hacks.

Second, I honestly could completely understand someone being pushed far enough to hack and wanting to exact revenge on the community, but I wouldn’t take pride in doing it.

No, because people grief the game hard BECAUSE I legitimately killed them in the game.

It is just more fun griefing and hacking.

oh man big wolf on campus

guys look out he’s going to “Destroy” this community

Your logic is literally just… there is no sense in that, you’re doing pretty much nothing to the community. No one sane really cares. You are actually making the game better by hacking, getting banned and giving the devs more money.

have fun being a fruit fly fighting a star destroyer though

-Snip nipps-