Hacking isn't a priority right now, so deal with it.

DISCLAIMER Thread title was changed by a mod or dev. The original thread title was “Hacking Needs to be Addressed Before Anything Else…”. Please keep that in mind when reading this post and this thread.

Garry, and whoever else is involved in the development… you have GOT to fix the hacking problem now before you go any further with development. Just look at the hacking thread and how long it is with guys no-clipping, flying, jumping, teleporting, etc. Videos, screenshots… everything is posted there by a community that stands behind you. Now act. Get rid of these people. Ban them, and keep doing it. Hire more admins to ban them and work through a report system… hell I’d be willing to help you out (for FREE even).

I haven’t been a big victim of it. I did have someone no-clip through our base today in full cloth, grab a couple M-4’s, all of my sulfur, 400+ chicken, and some other stuff. None of my doors were compromised (over 20 of them). Nothing is exposed and open. I could hear the person run up, jump or teleport to the roof, then they clipped through to a top floor and grabbed gear. They went downstairs through walls and did the same thing.

I don’t mind much. It wasn’t much lost. I actually had most of the good stuff on me at the time. But it’s a MAJOR problem that defeats the purpose of testing. I’m in a TS right now listening to a bunch of hackers going through walls into a number of buildings. It’s apparently being recorded so I’m sure that video will go up. But this is absurd.

You’re working on sleep logging, which will DESTROY the servers. They’ll no-clip through and kill everyone who is “sleeping”. That ABSOLUTELY can not be implemented yet.

Please… get the hacking resolved now before Steam or anything else. I GUARANTEE that this game will turn into the next War Z if the hacking is not fixed. That single handedly ruined that game. They waited too long to get a system in place (eventually Punkbuster… the same thing we were screaming for up front) and everyone quit.

I can tell you, regardless of whether my voice means anything, that I wont stick around if the hacking isn’t resolved.

I get the phases of development. I get the time table and what’s required of patience. But more and more people are being added to this game everyday and the fight is being lost to the hackers.

This is my plea. This is all I’ll ever say.

Here comes that lovely phrase… Its in alpha. Every time the devs change something, be it a fix or add, something else breaks. From these breaks, holes in security can open up… To ask for something like this right now, regardless of how bad the hackers/glitchers are, is silly. Do you really think that demanding something like this makes it come out any faster? Or forces the devs to change their work plans? Not in the least. Relax… deal with it for now… Things will come when they get to it.

These are kids as well, from what I can tell by their voices… And they think it is FUCKING HILARIOUS to noclip into our buildings after killing us by flying 700 ft above us, then taking all our hard earned shit. I mean this shit is rediculous and GAME BREAKING at the moment (for my team of people). They are literally standing at a little base they built waiting for us to log back on to kill us constantly. No fun what so ever. I know their names are ericZ, Mike, psisyndicat with the [SPTN] tag in front of their name… I have seen multiple posts on the “designated” hacker thread, but it is stupid full and nobody is really paying attention to this BIG problem. Nobody deserves to be hacked, even if it is in ALPHA.

It might be better simply to have someone around on the servers to at least report (with credible information) hackers. Obviously developers do not really have the time for such things, but maybe some sort of server administrators are in order?

Yeah… I doubt they’d want paid developers doing this. They could easily find a team and entrust in them the ability to remove hackers in the game. Temp bans, perm bans, etc. Some way to track IP’s and/or userID’s so that after they change their name they can still be banned.

It’s not a crazy concept and not hard to implement. Neither is implementing an anti-cheat. At least Punkbuster as a temporary go between. You’ll never stop it all, but you have to do something to put a temporary barrier or make it harder to do.

As for the comment above about it being an Alpha. That’s no excuse. It might be an excuse to say why it’s not in yet. But it’s no excuse why it shouldn’t be the NEXT thing to enter the game before any other feature (like “sleep logging”).

Trust me, I fully understand how this works. I’ve done a TON of testing in all stages of development. You absolutely can’t go to Steam like this and with new people being added daily… something has to happen. As in, yesterday.

have any hacker or what ever u wanna call them been banned yet? i know it wont stop it all, but yea start banning ppl, it will cut it down alot, cause some will get banned, some will stop in fear of getting banned, and ofc alot will never do it cause they might get banned, i know u will always have that last grp of ppl that will cheat/hack no matter what. but atleast it shouldnt be as bad as it is atm.

Hacking is a serious issue for many games. I’m more than positive that the Rust developers are aware of these problems and hopefully will address the issue of no-clipping…

Although I’m quite keen on the sleep logging server (ideology), but as Primus mentioned the hacking* may ruin the concept of the sleeping servers.

So yes, I have come to the conclusion hacking needs to be addressed more serious than ever :wink:

Actually this IS the time to do it. You don’t fix it now and it gets worse and worse until you’re beyond the point of no return. I’ve seen other good games crap out due to widespread hacking, the good players feel cheated and quit playing. There will always be a little, but that’s why you have to keep on top of it, to keep it as minimal as possible…

start with an engine void of any god/noclip commands, even for an admin, no back doors to no possibility of breaching them, instead add stuff in the engine that detects a players speed, if they go over a limit they get banned, if they move from one set of cords to fast to the next like teleporting they get banned
take ungodly amount of damage and dont die, get banned! deal ungodly amounts of damage…(you guessed it) and these measurements should be inherent within the engine making policing effortless.

2 completely different topics, but I get it. Sleep logging should be on all servers, but first and foremost, active developmental assault against hacking is absolutely necessary before game-play progress and testing can actually be reputable and meaningful.

Oh, and two days ago they gave me a 24 hr. forum ban because I said I didn’t think they are banning hackers. Seriously, I’m a good honest customer with a valid complaint and that’s the answer I got. This may be Alpha but they didn’t give this to me, I am a paying customer and I don’t really appreciate that treatment.

Yea i seen ppl on the forum getting temp banned left and right, so i know who should have a look for hackers in the game. :wink:

uhhh what lol
you got banned for demanding someone else on the forum get banned

It doesn’t work like that at all, sure you can have all these functions that check for damage and speed, but you know what hackers can do? Just disable the functions, its really easy if you’re experienced in the field.

Postal thinks this is funny guys don’t worry.

It’s funny because everyone cries like little girls because hackers are ruining their ‘alpha experience’. Face it, all of you are just playing for enjoyment and crying about hackers because they’re ruining your experience. Nothing you do now will ever carry over to the final release. Just remember that.

omg haokers

Alpha or not, hacking is out of control and ruining everyone’s experience. You know how little effort it’d take on them to honestly join the server for a few minutes and teleport to the guy (his past names are: dirtyghettogamer, Mike, TIK TOK). It’s more than likely the same guy, cause he always brags about how many times he’s been recorded and nothing has happened, they can easily identify him from his past usernames, it’d take them a few minutes to see him noclip through a building or jump ridiculously high in the air. I’m also doubting the mega jumping is not third party, I highly doubt that’s some code error.

Once again, when you bought a key(or if you got one free who knows) you weren’t promised this ‘experience’ you keep talking about. The only thing you were promised is whatever garry and his team decide to shit out for the week. You aren’t meant to have fun, you aren’t meant to enjoy it, you are meant to test it and give feedback on game mechanics.

Fun fact, the final release will have playerhosted servers which will most likely come with the average powerhungry admin that will more that suit your no hacker needs. Until then please refrain from crying.

I do agree that it is getting out of hand. Just logged off seeing two guys shooting up into the air and then back down killing people.